When a 3rd party booking actually isn’t

I had my first 33 day booking by Anthony for 2 adults and he said he would be checking in after 3pm and Don was also coming. I have a $20 extra person fee and a 20% monthly discount so I am getting an extra $512.16 for the 2nd person.

He says Don is actually going to be the primary guest. Turns out Anthony is actually Don’s boss and doesn’t seem to have much, if any, intent to spend any nights at the house. I only figured this out when I informed about 3rd party being against ToS and wanted to find out when he actually was going to check-in himself since only Don did and several days in Anthony hadn’t been to the house yet. He finally showed up around midnight and stayed about 8 minutes and left 2 minutes before Don returned.

Technically it isn’t really a 3rd party booking I guess??

This has some similarities to the situation I was in and made the long post about. The first guy could have just come by the house (he lives here too) “checked in” and then left, never to return.

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The boss my be an AirBnB booking agent for his workers which is a ligit 3rd party booking. We have one that books for her 4 man crews from WI from end of August to Mid May for construction work. She has booked all 3 of our places. She has a crew of 50+ that work for fall and winter in TX. She is in one of our places now until the end of September and says she will probably extend it like usual.

It’s only “legit” if they have signed up with Airbnb for Work. This will show up in the reservation.


But does she pay for a 2 bedroom house for her worker and herself and then only have her worker stay there?

Actually it’s just her crews. This time we were not sure what to do. She sent us the list of the 4 crew members names and for the very first time one of the new guys brought his “wife” which turned out to be his “girlfriend”. They grabbed the master suite with the largest bathroom for them only. They are pretty young 19-20 would be our guess. We left a message for her telling her that 2 of her guys and one of their wives showed up, but have not heard back yet. The two older guys showed up later that night and we figured it was up to them to complain. It’s been a week and she’s still there.

I know if it was the other 2 crews we’ve had before she would have been gone the first night. We did get a text from one of the old crew bosses and he said he requested she book our Cottage again for them at the end of September. If the 2 in the Villa now don’t complain, he will I can guarntee it.

Which makes it an actual 3rd party booking. Not at all like my situation.