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WheelHouse Disconnection


We spotted we’d been disconnected , only from our Airbnb account, a few days ago. They’re giving us nonsensical excuses that feel like delaying tactics, and repeated advice to try connecting from different devices. Of course we’d already done this several times. They are now ignoring us. Is anyone else having problems?


I don’t use wheelhouse but I wonder if, like smartbnb, they are having problems with the huge update Airbnb did on Feb 22.


Thanks! That’s probably it.


I use Wheelhouse and have not had any problems since Feb. 22, and I check it every day.


They definitely have a problem and admitted as much last night, so you are fortunate. Their connection to Airbnb is not as robust as it once was, so it seems the connection to listings takes time; a lot. We’ve managed to connect x 2 today and are, at least, updated.

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