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What's your "best" guest request for a better price?



I just had a lady inquire about booking from the 15th to the 20th of November but as she will be in Las Vegas on the 17th can I discount the booking by one day…she still wants her stuff in the apartment though but she’s happy to stuff it in a wardrobe so someone else can sleep there…o.0 I just can’t believe it…I said politely that I couldn’t really do that and if I did it would mean she would get charged twice for cleaning and her response was to say but wouldn’t the other person be able to use my bed without cleaning???


Had someone ask if they could rent one bedroom of an entire house rental. My response was it wouldn’t be 1 bedroom, it would be the bedroom plus the kitchen plus the bathroom plus the hallway to get to the bathroom and then how could I rent it to anyone else as they were already occupying the space? Dead silence was the response!


Not a better price…but wanting to put three people in a room that accommodates two by explaining that they are “very small people”, Also whining that no one else would take them.


Here’s the request that almost make me spit out my coffee. For the math challenged among you, this person was asking to stay at my listing for less than $10.00 per night.

“Thank you so much!! I would probably need the place from June 26-August 16th. Unfortunately, being in college, and having been on my own since I was 17, I don’t have a very large budget at all. I probably couldn’t pay more than $500 for my stay. :-/ Are you flexible at all on price? Curse my college budget! Haha. Anything I could do to help out around the place, like errands or cleaning? Thanks for even considering it.”


Amazing…I wonder if anyone ever takes the bait…they must do I guess or ppl wouldn’t ask lol.


Had one who wanted to rent for a few months at a discount and would clean the place for the next guest. Nup. This is at our farm so we only want short stays as we need to check livestock every few days.


"Whining that no one else would take them."
Ahhhh! Why not?


Yeah, if you’re a carpenter and can build that addition we’ve been wanting to do…


I posted this in a topic called ‘Creative Sacmmers’ … But this request takes the cake!

Dear Azreala
I am reaching out to discuss an opportunity with you. My friend and I will be traveling to 5 countries across Europe very shortly and will be filming our journey to post on YouTube. One of the series we will be shooting is “How to AirBNB Your Way Through Europe” and we would like to have your AirBNB be a part of this series. We will take video of your AirBNB and include it in the episode highlighting it and comparing it to some of the AirBNBs from the other cities we are traveling to (Munich, Gimmewald, Interlaken, Vienna, Cinque Terre, Salzburg, Pisa, Rome, and Venice). In addition to the promotion provided through being a part of this series, we can also take high quality images and/or video of your AirBNB for you to use on your listing (on our $5,000+ camera setup). All we ask in return for these services we would normally charge $1,000+ for, is a free stay in your AirBNB from June 20th to June 23rd (yes, our stay would start later today). When we reached out to top tier AirBNBs in other cities, we had many replies of people wanting to be a part of this series, so I do want to let you know that this position is first come first serve. Let me know if you are interested in being a part of this series. We hope to bring all of the AirBNBs taking part in this series many new customers in the coming months and years both through the promotion offered as well as through the high quality photos and video. I understand it is the high season but because our stay is so close and you are still not booked, we hope you will consider this promotional opportunity in order to increase your bookings throughout the future. I look forward to your prompt reply.

-Kyle B.


Wow! The price of iPhones has gone up!


Right!!! The best past was that I use @smartbnb.io and a auto message was sent immediately, and Kyle’s response was ‘Um, no YOU don’t understand what I am asking’. The entire exchange was comical. I’m sad I reported him as Spam because now I can’t access his profile to snoop and see if he got any reviews


I bet he got a few takers from less experienced hosts - damn clever way to fund a vacation! I’d try it myself if all my photos didn’t look like ones taken on a Brownie Box camera circa 1959. Hey, maybe I could offer to make them guest soaps for the whole season while I was there!


(I’ll take your soap offer!)