What's Your Banana Vote?

Guests left bananas in my yard waste bin. I rescued them. Gross or provident?

Nothing gross about that, IMO. I’d probably wash the skin off, though.

First worlders waste a criminal amount of food.


Lucky! I’m amazed at the food that guests leave behind in our rentals, although many have a flight to get home and they probably can’t carry a cooler of food with them. I have no hesitation at all in putting their leftovers in my fridge and eating it myself.

They also don’t want the bother of taking liquids home so as well as some rather nice shampoos and conditioners, I also often get booze. :slight_smile:


They look ok! We also eat or drink or use goodies from guests who fly in.

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@dpfromva your green bin is so clean!!

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Banana have the most wonderfully effective protective peels. ENJOY!!!

We’re they leaving to go on a boat? No bananas on a boat…bad luck.

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I hate wasted food! Scraps get brought home to the chickens, who get very excited when they see the bucket.


I don’t like overipe bananas but I don’t care if they are from the dumpster or the store. I have no problem eating these from the bin.

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I bake banana bread for all our guests for their first morning here. We house share. Can always use bananas.


I guess I’m the only one here who would be weirded out by discarded bananas.

I really dislike wasting food, too, but I wouldn’t be able to touch those bananas, much less eat them.

Yet you have no idea what has happened to the bananas you buy in the store between them being cut from the banana plant and you putting them in your shopping cart.

A banana picker could have sneezed their hand or used the outhouse without washing after. So could the packers or the the store employee who unpacks them.

I know you’re right. Tarantulas could have been climbing on them. Anything.

But if I think of things like that, I probably wouldn’t eat anything.

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On our check-in/out sheet, we say to our guests “you are welcome to leave any condiments or food items”…we don’t say on our sheet that we bring the leftovers home, but that is what we do. No wasting! The first thing my husband does when we go to clean is to check the fridge, freezer, and trash to make sure things that are still good are not being thrown away. He has no problem taking things out of the trash, as long as they don’t have coffee grounds or other gross things on/near them…basically, if it’s still packaged (that goes for banana peels too) it’s fair game.

Yesterday our guests left us (in the fridge) some Buzz Ballz. Never had heard of them, but WHOA! They pack a punch.


Freeze and the make this wonderful, low fat, gluten free banana muffin.
(I add nuts to the recipe: !

Flourless Banana Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins Recipe made in a blender. (upload://s9msoYD2USwOAokPyu79Y7eWJq4.jpeg)