What's waxy and blue and could get on pillows?

Recent couple stayed for 4 nights. Very pleasant, left the place very tidy and clean. . . except. . . all 4 pillows and shams had a waxy/sticky blue residue that in once case went through to stain the pillow protector.

I pretreated with oxyclean soak and with 2 washes, and it all came out. But now I’m curious as to what in the world that mystery substance was. Don’t think it was a candle – the smoke detector in that room goes off reliably, plus which, on pillows?

It’s my mystery du-jour.

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Could it be blue eye make up? I hear blue mascara is making a come back.

Possibly. It would be an amazing amount, but I guess some people can tolerate a load of product on their eyes and lashes.

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Hair gel?
I have to admit to not being very good at the “What on earth could this guest have been up to?” game.
But that’s my guess.

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Message the guest and ask.

“Hi XX, There was some waxy blue stuff all over the pillows and pillow shams after your stay- it all washed out, no problem, but I’ve been wracking my brain to figure out what it was, as I’ve never encountered that before- some type of eye make-up? Could you put my curiosity to rest? What was it?”


I had the same with gooy red stuff all over the pillows. I saw that the woman had a red tint to her hair so my guess would be a hair care product of some sort.

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Yep, I found gooey/waxy/oily pink stuff on the pillowcases and a little on the upper part of the sheets and it washed out OK. There was a small bottle of temporary hair dye and something that looked like a large disposable shower cap in the bathroom trash can.