What's the point in a Government ID if the person's name doesn't match the ID?

A few weeks ago, I had a booking request come from “Mas Carreras 1846” (which is the name of the host’s place).

This weekend’s booking came from someone whose name did not match their passport.

Taking these 2 as examples, what value is there in knowing that they’ve provided government-issued ID’s if the names given to us through Airbnb don’t match the IDs?

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You should ask the guest their full name and a copy of their ID. That host changed his name to a business name after he provided his real (or fake :thinking: ) ID. You can change your name to chicken nugget and airbnb wouldnt care. So they first put real name, they get approved with ID and then they edit the name.

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I have it in my house rules that the county requires I get a copy of ID. i do not give the door code until I get it.


How do they send it to you? From what I see Airbnb doesn’t support attachments.

People can send attachments once they’ve booked. So let them book but tell them it’s contingent on providing ID and you will cancel if they haven’t sent it in xx time.

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They text them directly.


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How do they send the attachment? I don’t see the option in their messenger app.

Or perhaps it is in the custom airbnb email addresss?

In the app look at the message thread. At the bottom should be the icons to send pics, saved messages or your previously created check in guide. Also the camera icon is there.

Found it. Thanks. :slight_smile:

(I usually message from my desktop, so I didn’t notice it.)

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