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Whats Going on on new search layout ?!


Dear Airbnb and Hosts,
I have couple of problem on new platform, thought to share it here, maybe its a common issue for everyone and Hope it could be solve here:

  1. When you search for a place in Vancouver, Prices are different with what I’ve set on my listing !
  2. In new search layout, I can’t scroll down in Search Item ( the page doest let me know see all options )
  3. I’ve been advised to be a good location on Airbnb search I need to update my calendar , get good review and response my inquiries ASAP , all have been take care of but some of my listings are not in first 2 pages !!!

Appreciate any help


SoulHome - without actually knowing which one your listing is, it’s hard for me to see the issues which you’re referencing. Here are my best guesses:

  1. Try updating the listing price and saving again. Sometimes the save doesn’t go through. Also double check to make sure you are charging in the correct currency (i.e. Canadian).
  2. I searched Vancouver and there were over 1,000 listings and I was able to view them all so I’m not sure what you mean? There were 56 pages of search results when I checked.
  3. Airbnb search algorithms mean that they reward hosts who have higher response rates, updated calendars and good reviews. They display listings for the “best” hosts first according to their metrics and given that there were 56 pages of results when I checked, then perhaps there are hosts who have better metrics than yours? It would also depend on the search parameters that guests are using when looking for a place to stay.

Hopefully that helps!


Thank you so much for your reply, it make sense and my only concern is that I have almost all parameters you mentioned, response rate less than an hour, I’m super host with 89% 5 stars and also never have canceled any reservation.
I share my listings here so il you might help me more :

Thanks again, really appreciate your help


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