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What your Airbnb host wants you to know (but won't tell you)


Actually not a bad article consistent with the forum


Yes, that’s a good list. I especially agree with the “is it safe?” It’s the single hardest question I get asked.


I also really liked that the author mentioned that we are not big corporations-we are usually homeowners trusting guests with one of our biggest investments…

Also liked the author cautioning the guest to not insult the host’s home. I have been reconsidering even hosting lately because of the “location” rating. I have a 95% rating but the princess who gave a 2 last week really offended me. I’ve even considered saying outright in my listing that if working-class neighborhoods OFFEND you, then book elsewhere! And, yes, my 29 year old neighborhood would look better if we had an HOA that forced people to maintain their homes, but if we did, you wouldn’t be allowed to stay here.

One thing I wish that they’d added is a caution to treat our neighbors well and to park where we ask them to park. Some guests seem to feel entitled to park wherever they want and not follow host instructions.


Do not read the reviews, problem solved.


Now that’s really funny :smile:


I liked this too. I recently declined an inquiry for my off season because of insulting my listing and me. She asked if the condo looked like the photos, wondered if the listing was real, and if the neighborhood was safe. Initially, I took the high road and answered her questions, commented about I realized she was new to Airbnb, and referred her to read the reviews to help address her concerns. Her response was she had heard the reviews could be fake. DECLINE!


So you are assured of getting an honest answer from the owner???



My thought too. My declination message was:
“Thank you for considering my condo. I hope you will consider booking my rental after you’ve become more familiar and comfortable with Airbnb. I understand you asking these questions, however please keep in mind that a dishonest host will not answer your questions accurately. Your best resource is to rely on prior reviews.”


I really want to remember that and use it. It’s excellent :slight_smile:

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