What you see on camera

When you see a guest violating rules on your outdoor disclosed camera is it ok to make mention in a review?

The female guest urinated on the entertainment deck as well as her dog urinating and poo. We have a grassed yard! Also dog standing on outdoor table, using towel for the dog to lay on with kids, salad bowl for dog when we provide pet bowls. Dragging our indoor chairs outside, dragging our Indoor throw rugs along the back deck.

The entertaining deck has storage underneath as elevated so everything under will be covered with urine. Just disgusting behaviour.

If you don’t mention any of this in a review, you’re doing future hosts a huge disservice. And if you didn’t confront the guests right away when you saw the chairs moved, urine, dogs, etc. then that’s on you.

You don’t mention how far into the stay this all happened. If I saw a guest urinating outside the bathroom (sorry to all you free urinators out there, but human pee smell is impossible to get rid of in the tropics), and all you mention, I’d have messaged straight away via the app and canceled the reservation. Period.

Moving the chairs and rugs tells me that there is an issue with the number of chairs vs number of guests and moving the rugs to the slatted high deck means that you might want to get outdoor rugs so that things don’t get caught in the spaces and it’s more comfortable.

But peeing and dog poop on a deck when you provide an allocated dog “bathroom” in your yard (you do tell them where you expect the animals to go, right?) is disgusting.


Yes, mention it all but don’t say you saw it on the camera. You can say something like "items under deck were saturated with urine, dog hair on tables, salad bowls and bath towels. Indoor throw rugs dragged outdoors. I would not host again. "


Succinct and elegant.


absolutely mention it in the review and don’t feel an ounce of guilt for doing so.

the guest is pure scum

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These are people no one would want to host. Please leave a review that helps hosts in the future, they don’t deserve anything close to a good review.


One way to get the message out without seeming like you are stalking them on cameras is to say, I observed the guest urinating outside… not I saw the guest on camera…



It was one lady with her daughters and dog. She checked out this morning and faeces were smeared into the decking in multiple spots plus it stunk of urine both human and dog.
I had to get a special clean done $150 and sent that amount to guest who has denied it.
This person is also a host!!! She also drove off with a sheet on top of her car!!

I am not surprised she denied it, and I will not be surprised to hear later about the lousy review she is going to write.


Hard to believe that this person that’s just stepped out of a cave is a host. Don’t know where she lives, but there is no way I’d stay at her place.


Go through Airbnb and submit the video of her peeing on the deck. Ask to speak to a supervisor. If they can’t get the guest to pay for the extra cleaning at least they may be able to suspend her from the platform.


Good idea. I haven’t heard back from her I will escalate once 72hrs passes.

Just curious, you think this would be enough grounds for AirBnB to suspend a guest from the platform?? I’ve read so many terrible stories on here about guests breaking rules- this seems minor in comparison

I would hope so. Urinating outdoors on the deck is not acceptable. Hopefully, Airbnb will also see it that way.

To be honest Airbnb probably won’t care. They won’t remove false reviews from a previous guest that caused $9000 damage even after AirBnb paid out $1000 under the Host guarantee.

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This. Yes it is unfortunate and the guest was a total shit (pun intended). All of us must charge enough to compensate for the few guests with extra cleaning.
Extra cleaning $ after a stay is very hard to get. This absolutely gives away to the guest that you are unhappy, and risks a very bad review for you.
So, as much as it totally sucks, we would bite our lip, smile and blast them at review time - probably wait until day 14.

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