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What would you say

Yeah something like this will be good. Most people are quick to forgive and take your side when you “fall on your sword”. Darn good idea. Find a way to “blame the 3rd party” (insurance, host policy with Air - whatever you need). Be seen as sympathetic and understanding.

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Obviously the original poster has a specific circumstance for his property that makes it difficult to host more than one person in the room. I on the other hand run a two bedroom apartment that can sleep up to four, a couple in one room and two singles in the other, and I charge the same no matter how many people turned up, up to four. But if a couple has a baby making it five I won’t charge anymore :slight_smile:

I did toy with the idea of changing for more than two people but it would have been very hard to enforce so I didn’t bother. I always leave enough toiletries and towels for four people anyway

We do not charge for extra people. We have 2 guest bedrooms, each with a queen bed.
1 to 4 people same price. Since we are remote we do not know for a fact how many people have stayed and find it too much of a hassle to litigate after the fact an extra charge for the second bedroom, let alone a second person in the same room.
But each place and host are different.


I’m sure you have a good reason for this, and I’d be curious to know what it is.
I host one private room in my home, for solo guests only, but that’s because the room only fits a single bed comfortably.

Although after only hosting solo guests, I think that would always be my choice, unless were to completely change my hosting model, say if I had a different house with a separate studio.

I find solo travelers to be really easy to host, as they seem to be self-sufficient, respectful non-complainers. And they are friendly and appropriately sociable, which puts me at ease as a home-share host. I would find it uncomfortable to have a couple who just related to each other, and acted as if I were just part of the furniture, as I have read posts from hosts who’ve experienced that sort of scenario.

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