What would you reply or not reply to such an "amazing" one star review?

So guest left me review like that (most of things are not true at all)

NOT CHARMING-Terrible -strong-pee smell, hairs on moldy, smelly unwashed sheets, towels used and yet unwashed and mold smell, heavy choking dust clinging to drapes (with white cat hair) and dusty smelling wall hanging and dusty cheap, rough bamboo tables—which cannot be cleaned-Cheapest Thai bed so hard it hurt my back despite my bringing a yoga mat I slept on. Dirty sink, leaking sink, stopper broken in blocked position, toilet in upper floor leaking to this stained ceiling. Washing sheets and towels helped, but wife scrubbed bath floor every 3 days and pee smell returned. Owner tried to mask the pee smell with chemical industrial odor and fan on high. It fooled us until he left. One stained coffee cup, 2 saucers. We had to buy cups, plates and bowls to use. A children’s Blanket was too small for the double bed. Cockroaches daily and body lice on the sofa. Dirty children pillows are not “charming.” I was depressed and hated every minute of this stay and regret not leaving the first 5 minutes. Unpainted door with old tape- everything here shout “Neglect.” I do not know who would tolerate these abuses-crap-maybe a drunk bachelor who pisses on the floor every night. Which is what this place smelled like. Unless it is Completely remodeled-summary: “AVOID THIS dump and slum lord”

What would you reply or would you?

Wow. How does this sit with your other reviews? Is it obvious it’s unduly negative?

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Didn’t hold back at all did he huh!

I would immediately get on to Air and get it removed.

I hate Hotel Inspectors with their long lists of complaints and suggestions

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you say ‘most’ of the things are not true - so which are (in your opinion)?


Let’s see some of your other reviews from the past month, @Ivan_Joorevic. That much detail cannot all be wrong. Do you live there? If not, when is the last time you actually spent a night there?


@Jess1 I give condo on monthly bases (min stay is 14 nights) so it has few reviews in English

@Chris44g here is what they replied me

@asimenia There is a mark of an old leak in the corner of the bathroom (not an active one) it made wall tiles dirty so i cant completely remove it - but personally i would not even notice it
The sink was really leaking when he arrived but i fixed it immediately the next day

@KenH thats a good point i actually never seeped over but i did have a nap there for couple hours once while waiting for some delivery

You will just have to suck it up. When you run a budget place these things sometimes happen. What one person thinks is 4 or 5 star another thinks is 1 or 2 star. If your other reviews are all good then this one won’t matter much. If the other reviews aren’t 5 star then you need to step it up because Airbnb is changing their business model and they probably aren’t going to allow you to stay on the platform. They want 4.7 star average for all hosts.

So, we need to see other reviews. But my question is, why did the guest leave this review?


Is this true? That seems a bit draconian, and I’m scared now! :scream:

Yes. The change was announced months ago.

And the new standards for superhost went into effect this quarter and I expect a bunch of superhosts to lost the status and come to this forum complaining.

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It’s really kind of strange for Airbnb to do this as more and more regulations are put on cities. You would think they’d support hosts more but … I just wonder what their future business model will become


It will be interesting - to say the least - to find out!

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I feel quite lucky that my model of what I need Airbnb to be and what they want me to be dovetails so nicely. But I’d still like to see an exclusively homeshare platform be successful.

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@KKC @eyeborg @Maggieroni @jaquo They are doing this targets for hosts to drop prices and make airbnb even more popular competitive with other platforms. You set the normal price - you get a 4 star review, you have to drop the price, airbnb gets more competitive. They truly became greedy corporation

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@jaquo He definitely took something i said or wrote personal.
I was careless enough to meet him in person, maybe that`s why.
Or when he started sending me 20 messages a day about how he suffers i told him “thank you for your feedback, i try to make all guests happy but recognize expectations might be different”

I have not dropped my price; year over year I have raised prices. My ratings are the same. But much depends on the kind of listing one has. My room is remodeled in the last year and is one room in a home. I get people on road trips but not tourists so much. If you have an older space, older furnishings, catering to tourists in an old apartment building, hotel or hostel you are going to get different results than millions of hosts around the world.

@KKC So you didnt low the price but you spent money on renovations, right? Did you try to calculate accurately how much did it cost you in %?