What would you do.....?

I had guests check out this morning. There were two adults and one infant on the reservation (actually, the infant wasn’t on there, but I knew she was bringing a baby, no big deal). My cohost/tenant encountered them this morning as they were checking out, and asked how they had enjoyed their time in Portland, how everything was in the apartment, etc. The four adults all indicated that they had been having a good time.

I wasn’t aware of this for about four hours. Since they left, I’ve been notified that the guest has written a review, and every indication from the communications I’ve had tells me it’s most likely a 5 star. I am trying to decide whether or not to pursue payment for the extra guests with her or not.

I was thinking of sending this note:

Jane - I wanted to check in with you about the number of guests in your group. My co-host said when he spoke with you this morning there were four adults checking out. Could you please confirm? I haven’t checked the Ring doorbell video yet, I figured it would be quicker just to ask you for clarification. I know the default setting when making a reservation is two adults*, so I’d totally understand if you didn’t catch that when you made the reservation. (It’s happened with previous guests.)

The thing about the Ring is a bluff – i’ve already looked, and unfortunately it didn’t record any comings or goings of their group (it’s located next to the door for the first floor apartment, and doesn’t always capture the activity of people entering the adjacent door). But the guest doesn’t know that.

My hope is that she would come clean about the number of guests, thinking I have video proof anyway, and admit it on the platform. I could then send her a bill through the resolution center ($80 total), and quickly post my own review (with 3 stars for follows rules) to prevent a retaliatory review. Whether or not she would pay it is a separate issue.

Or, I could just walk away, order a second friggin’ Ring doorbell, and call it a lesson learned. :wine_glass:

Just curious what y’all would do in my shoes.

*Also bending the truth a bit, wanted to give her a graceful way to say she screwed up.

Giving her the benefit of the doubt (or pretending to) as you have done is good but doesn’t it default to one guest, not two?

I do think the 2nd cam is needed from your description.

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says the host with zero cams … but not by my choice


My husband has proposed another option - post the review first, then ask her for the additional money. I will probably do that. :woman_shrugging:


Are you going to mention the extra guests in your review?

Recently I had a guest who did not include her children. When I asked her to alter her booking she replied: “As a matter of fact.we have our budget.we try our best to let kids travelling around the world”.

I mentioned it in my review and I notice the next host she had said the same thing so at least future hosts have been warned.

Some hosts on this forum say it’s less stressful not to have fees for extra guests but I like to make my place a bit cheaper for singles or couples as they are much less work.

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I think I will - I’m going to say that my co-host encountered four people leaving at checkout time, although the reservation was for two adults.


What is it with all these guests that seemingly lie about their numbers? I seem to read it so often on here and I really don’t understand it …

However, being Devil’s advocate for a moment … is there a possibility that the two extra people hadn’t been staying but were helping their friends move out? I can see a scenario where that might happen.

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Yup. That was my thought, especially since the couple and their newborn son are here to visit family. However, my cohost/cleaner said that they used every single towel and all the linens for a two night stay in a two bedroom apartment, so there’s that.

Based on his relating of his conversation with them to me, I’m leaning towards there were four guests staying at least one night.

They want a cheap stay! one of mine sleeps 12 and often gets a booking for 4, and then the extras show up…

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There are a whole bunch of people in the world who think their dollars are more valuable than those of everyone else and it’s infuriating.

Same here but about half the year I just abandon the effort given the work it entails

@CeeBee all your options and thoughts sound reasonable to me. I agree that a second camera is in order and that you check it periodically during the stay not just after.

I try to remember to check it around the time of check-in (it’s self check in, so gas can arrive anytime after 4 PM), but sometimes I don’t. I would be a lot more vigilant if my friend wasn’t living in the building. He’s an extremely hands-on co-host. :grin: