What would you do? Charge or not?

I would send her a note that says "I hope you are all comfortable and settled in. I ask all my new guests to let me know if they realize they need a second bed in the den so I can quickly get some comfortable linen on the daybed and adjust our current arrangements." and not mention it again until review time if she doesn’t come forward – leave the ball in her court.

If she doesn’t do the honourable thing (after you have put her on the honour system with your note), then I figure she would lie to you if you asked her outright.

I find that sometimes when I deliberately frame things by putting people on an “Of course I trust you to do the right thing…” high road, they actually rise to the occasion. I would try to avoid putting her in a situation where she feels busted for being a sneak – let her save face.

(And yes, I know you don’t actually ask all your guests if they need to change the sleeping arrangements – this is a little white lie to make it easier for the guest to do the right thing.). If she does come forward, don’t call it an “upgrade” or a “surcharge” (apparently we can get in trouble with Airbnb for doing that) – instead, call it “You booked listing X but you need listing Y, so let’s make adjustments for that change” (i.e. a quiet, unofficial cash payment).

But, Hey!.. What do I know?


We occasionally have adult mothers/daughters share a large bed… but never American or Canadian guests.

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yes, i’ve had it plenty of times, as well as just “girls weekends” where they will share beds, it’s really common. Most of our guests are Aussies, but recently hosted a daughter who’s mum was over from Singapore, and they opted to use the “one bed only” configuration. I reminded her that the listing was for 1 bed only and said “if you change your mind, no worries, we can upgrade you at any point to the 2 room configuration for an extra fee”. They only used the one room. I think it’s adorable actually, they possibly haven’t seen each other in over 2 years.


I would share a bed with one of my adult daughters only if there were no other choice. But I would not sleep well because I sleep naked and if I had to wear pajamas, or even a tee shirt and underwear, I would be uncomfortable.

In countries where people tend to have small homes and large families, I think it’s not unusual for family members other than husband and wife to share a bed.

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I’ve had the same thing happen a few times recently. “Do kids count?” I then send them AirBnB’s listing for ages when booking, which they would have seen when filling out the reservation. Came in to a recently vacated space yesterday to find extra blankets used, and low cushions on the floor pushed together. So those cushions are going.

My two spaces are big enough for a lot of people to stay, but I only take up to six because there’s only one bathroom. Tempted to put a security camera inside the front entry pointing at the entrance doors so I can count heads and take it up with Air in the event of more than six. If you’re looking for a ‘kids stay free’ place, there are plenty of open hotels.

I swear next time someone ask me if kids stay free I’m going to ask the names of their kids. “If it has a name, it’s a person. Per my listing, that’ll be an extra $50/person/night.”


We only take six and we have three bathrooms!

Yeah, I used to take up to 4 people but found that there was so much more abuse to my property and partying. The space is about 500 sq feet so not big. I now just want a 1 or 2 people in the 1 king size bed. I did create a second listing (same STR) but with the 2 bedrooms (no den) and up to 3 people but for a lot more money. Part to make it obvious that they can’t use this room as a bedroom in the 1 bedroom listing but also to try to attract people in my slow season. Come spring, the listing will disappear.

I do have cameras putting outward from the front porch and shared hallway before you get into the unit. All disclosed. I’ve caught people sneaking in kids and pets.

I’ve put in extra thick padding and plush carpet. The daybed is in the corner with the floorboard that squeak the most. It’s odd because I do run sound machines (3) and I still get woken up in the middle of the night if a person is in this room at 3 am.

I think come the spring, I’ll have to find a place to store the daybed and get a match reading chair instead for the room.