What were your newbie hosting mistakes?

Everyone here, at some point, was a newbie. Newbies make mistakes and suffer. And when they learn from their mistakes and change their ways for the better, they become sages that can help others.

Now, think back to when you began hosting…

What newbie mistakes did you make? Do you remember any incidents where you suffered as a result? What did you learn from those mistakes? What would you say to a newbie?

I bought a tv the day the first guests were due, plugged it in, and realised there was no aerial. the guests arrived, I apologised, they said now worries, we’re only here for the night, we’re straight off out, won’t need it. Dinged me for having no TV “you should have a working TV”


So, what was the mistake? Leaving things until the last minute? Having faith in the politeness of guests?


bit of both I suppose. They also said that the flat had been prepared solely for airbnb, it wasn’t someones home, so felt a bit bleak. They were the only people to feel that way, so I was just unlucky that they took they reviews seriously!

not bleak, surely! https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/11207340

Fair enough! But surely you’ve made bigger newbie mistakes than this. Perhaps using IB without understanding the implications perhaps? Allowing for long stays? etc.

Allowing long stays and use of my kitchen. ****ing nightmare. Life is sweet freedom now compared to those teething days.


nope! I suppose there was that time that the next guest said “see ya Wednesday!”, so I got there Wednesday to clean, and the previous guests hadn’t moved out, “we’ve got one more night!” they said.
And they were right. The incoming ‘Wednesday’ guest, had his long haul days mixed up, he was not due till Thursday eve.
It would have been embarrassing if I’d got stroppy with the current guests, who I imagined were about to refuse to leave!

Did you intend this thread to focus on issues whilst getting used to how the platform works, rather than day to day cockups in the early days?

I don’t know really. I’m the type that prefers to learn from others, so I’m asking to see what else I can learn being the newbie that I am.


Oh bless your heart (pats head, admires the ‘wide-eyed puppy look’) :slight_smile:


My newbie mistake was renting to young adults. They lack maturity and common sense. As a result, they broke the glass patio table. They left the umbrella up on a windy day and the wind turned the table and it shattered. Luckily no one was hurt. Another young group broke a dinning chair and the refrigerator vegetable drawer. This stuff doesn’t seem to happen with older guests.

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So, where did you go from there? Did you stop accepting young adults? Did you make it a house rule? etc.

I have added tons of stuff to the rules as well as little signs every where. They probably think I’m a nag. The table was replaced with a metal one and now the umbrella has a sign that says “close me when it’s windy.” The fridge has a sign that says " close vegetable drawers before closing the fridge door. " In the bedrooms they’re signs “Do not eat in bed.” I only have the signs up for the young adults. I take them down for older guests


:joy: So there is hope for the young lot? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just to demonstrate that all hosts are different, I’ve had no trouble at all with younger guests. I’ve had particularly good teenage guests. :slight_smile:


My house rules are not that many I think. just no smoking inside, quiet hours 10pm to 9 am, return the garage door opener when they leave. I had a couple of guests says too any rules and one of them herself is even a host. I can imagine what they will say when they see your signs everywhere. :slight_smile:


I have had some good young adults groups also. I have hosted lots of Eorepen and Chinese college students. They are all very clean and responsible. Especially during the summer and spring breaks.

I’d say that my great teenagers have mostly been from Europe too.

I haven’t really had any big issues I could attribute to making a mistake; finding this forum while still relatively new probably helped.

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Nice threads! Thanks! I’ll check them out!