What to do with trash on trash day?

I’m turning a part-time AirBnB into a full-time AirBnB where I will manage it remotely. It’s a house in a neighborhood, and the only logistical question I have left is who will put the trash cans out to the curb (and bring them back the next day) on a weekly basis. I wouldn’t prefer to put that task on the guests, and the house cleaner won’t be there every week on that particular day. Has anyone else faced this issue? Suggestions?

Your co-host?


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You may manage the listing remotely. Bookings anyway…

Trash pickup isn’t the only issue. What happens when the AC or furnace quit at 2 AM on the hottest/coldest day of the year (or any day for that matter)? Who is the guest going to call when the plumbing starts spraying water all over the kitchen or bathroom? Or any number of other possible gotta fix it now issues, like the cleaning company didn’t do their job and new guests walk in to a mess??

It should be obvious that you need someone within a 15 minute drive to handle things locally – other than a cleaning company.


We have neighbors that do it for us and we thank them monthly with Walmart or Target gift cards.


My first thought would be to pay the cleaners to stop by and take it out. I assume you can put it out the night before.

Second choice would be paying a neighborhood kid.

Thank you all for your initial suggestions. They are helpful. We realize that this is not the ONLY issue we need to manage. This is simply the last ROUTINE logistic to work out. We have others on standby for EMERGENCY or OUT OF THE ORDINARY requests.

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It’s part of the duties your co-host should undertake. They can either do it themselves or delegate the job to a neighbour (or neighbouring kid). If they delegate the job, then they should be responsible for paying the person and making sure that it’s done properly and on time.

Because your co-host will be nearby, it’s probably easier if he/she does it to ensure that it’s done properly. Once the trash people have been, he/she will have to return them to the property and make sure that they are correctly located and secure.

Well, that will probably work out then. Until it doesn’t and you get bit on the behind.

Lots of hosts manage remotely with great success.