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What to do when someone brings a pet without telling you

I have just had this happen for the second time. My cleaner informed me that there is pet hair and other evidence that a pet has been in the house, but the guest didn’t inform me of a pet nor did they pay the pet fee or agree to the pet rules. What would you do?

Open up a resolution center request for whatever fees you would have collected had you known a pet was coming.

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Be sure to mention it in your review and make a claim for the damage, extra cleaning. This is so inconsiderate.


Install security cameras on the exterior (I have a Ring doorbell on the gate just outside the entrance). That way you can tell if they are having an unauthorized party, a dog, extra people. Put the pictures of them in you listing and sell it as a safety feature, not snooping. That will discourage guests who plan on violating rules from choosing your place. I just had a guest who told me about the pet but didn’t accept the charges for payment for it and now I’m waiting. It wasn’t a woman named Michelle was it? If it was Michelle she’s going in @konacoconutz BGL.


We have to start a new BGL! They locked us out after 500 replies!
Or maybe I can write to Tom to override the lock.


It may be good to start a new one anyway and limit it purely to posts about the guests so there’s not so much to wade through? OR, go through and delete all the random comments so there’s space for new posts?

I tried but couldn’t. Each member would have to delete their own.

Maybe we can have a BGL but keep the comments to a minimum? Just list the BGs?

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I asked the guest about the pet and he said that it must have gotten lost in translation and agreed to pay the pet fee. It was a pretty positive interaction so hopefully it will resolve fine. We will see if he pays the pet fee in the end or not…

A video camera out front is a good idea. I live a couple blocks away from the rental house and usually I don’t meet with guests face to face, so it would be good to have some way to monitor who is coming and going.

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It’s a must. …

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