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What to do ? returning guest who always complains!?


this guest has stayed a few times, the last time they left me 2 a4 pages of improvements i should make, (this was worded nicely and said she is trying to help me be a great airbnb)

these suggested linen sheets, i should provide covers on the couchs to stop marks, the food in cubpoard varies each time (this food is random stuff left from each previous person. etc not complaints as such more suggestions? :no_mouth:

every time there seems to be a problem,i had to mattressa matrress because they complained it was uncomfortable. admittedly it was quite firm and felt hard when i lay on it, but no one had complained before in 2 years.

third time they complained the Insinkerator wasn’t working, yet proceeded to shove food down for the week,(it was not turned on and smelt so bad) :persevere::persevere: and now they say the gas is playing up.

but apart from that she is nice and leaves the house very tidy, and they are hardly there.

so if she books again should i accept??


Hi Cocoanouk,

As long as they were not leaving me public bad reviews, I think I would maybe try to deal with their annoying complaints. However, if you don’t want to deal with it anymore, that’s completely your choice.


We’ve addressed this situation of you and this guest before, and give good advice on how to handle these suggestions. Best advice was to thank the guest for their concerns and that you will attend to things as you can afford to fix them…

If I’m getting good Public reviews, I can ignore any attempts to make my place over to someone else’s ideas. If these negatives are mentioned in the Public review, then Decline the next Request to Book.

If the Public review goes down however, I would Decline the guest’s next attempt to book as “Uncomfortable with this guest”. Why decline? “They keep trying to tell me how to run my listing.”

You need to speak to the guest face-to-face – thank her for her concerns but say that you don’t really need her assistance to become a Superhost.


Actually, check the Stars that she left you. Anything less than 5, forget her and block her on Airbnb.
Airbnb is looking for a 4.7 rating across the board, anything less than that they will send you friendly advice on how to improve. Fall below 4 …they won’t be friendly anymore …


Was her name Hyacinth Bucket?

Did you say you replaced the mattress because it was too hard? I have a firm mattress (Ikea) which many guests comment is really comfortable. If someone complained I would point this out and say you can’t please everyone. I have a regular guest who arrives this week. She often tells me all the things that need cleaning. I smile and thank her. Later I think about them and realise she is right and clean them next time (sometimes she cleans them for me). As she is a direct booking and can’t review me and is otherwise a great guest and books midweek this is a small price to pay. I think for some people complaining is part of their vacation experience.


Yes they always leave good public reviews.

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