What the right number of listing photos?

We had the Airbnb photographer out and he did a great job! I noticed that he took 3 shots of each room from 3 different viewpoints. Should I leave them all in there or just pick one photo per room. Can you have too many pics or is it best to have a lot?

I would leave them, but move them around, so you have a picuture of each room among the first 6.

Make sure you have your selling picture as the first picture.
And the next 5 should be the important rooms: Living, Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, 2nd Bedroom.

I see that AirBnB has changed the layout of the listings.
In the past you got to see 5 smaller pictures, they replaces it with the last written review.

You are referring to the app view?

No, I noticed it before on my desktop.

Today I checked again, and I only see the main picture on my desktop.
Have not checked the view in the app yet.

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I have 100! The limit!

I have 12 but need to add more. I don’t have any of my local area just the apartment. The one thing that annoys me is I can’t change the order of the photos. If anyone has advice how to do this it would be much appreciated.

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Go to Manage Listing --> Calendar --> Photos. Drag your photos into your preferred order. As I recall, your changes are saved automatically.

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Ha thanks for that it worked!

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Most welcome.

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