What sleeper sofa do you use?

We rent a 2BR house, which has a family room and a living room. I’d like to be able to turn a family room into a 3rd bedroom with a sleeper sofa. If you use one, which one do you find comfortable?

Thank you!

Does anyone find a sofa bed truly comfortable? I’ve found every single sofa bed I’ve ever slept on unpleasant.

I know you will need one for practical reasons but I wonder if anyone will be able to recommend a comfortable one …

Which country are you in?

The only good sofa beds I know are these, not really a sofabed, but a wallbed with sofa.


These are quite expensive (€3000 for 160x200), but but really good to sleep on.

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Have slept on several sofa beds in the past and the floor was a better alternative!

I just bought a Lazy Boy brand double sofa bed for my accommodation.
It has a memory foam mattress and is surprisingly comfortable.
I slept on it for one night to test it out.


Yes, Lazy Boy makes very good quality sleeper sofa’s. You can always put a feather bed over an Ikea fold out couch, but than means they would have to make the bed for themselves…

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Looks lovely! Thank you for sharing, good to know something like this exists.


I am using Divani Casa Rixton contemporary sleeper sofa from All World Furniture.