What perks do you offer?

Hello all,

What are some of the perks you offer your renters? I thought about offering a echo dot, fire stick for them to use Netflix and sling. Besides that, I was also thinking of offering some things upon request, such as deodorant, tooth brushes etc…Also I was thinking a coffee machine with a couple of bottle of water for them to make coffee, since I my place does not have a kitchen.

What do you offer? and is it a good idea the above perks? let me know. Thank you!

Go to target. They have a great selection of $1 bathroom stuff. Soap, shampoo, small tooth brush with small tooth paste, etc. All a dollar each.
I always stock the fridge a bit too. Bottled water, very cheap wine, a local beer, etc…

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@mikelowrey it really depends on your listing and target market.

A high end property expectations will be higher in terms of goodies.

Personally I offer free teas and coffees, sometimes fresh flowers (if I’m getting them for the house). I also leave old fashioned biscuits/chocolate in the room when goes down well.

I normally also offer them a beer/wine/juice on arrival.

In the majority of places you don’t need bottled water to make hot drinks. But if the guest doesn’t have access to running water perhaps that would be useful.

I’ve never heard of sling or echo.dot

I do have an emergency kit for items guests might have forgotten but we have shops a couple of minutes of walk away when they can get the majority of items.

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I thought only Walmart had those! :slight_smile: I happen to have a WM and Target right in front of each other, so Ill see what both offers and go with bigger selection: thank you!

We offer:

Breakfast - Serve yourself homemade muffins, granola and yogurt.
Toiletries - We have travel size packages and guests are welcome to use the full size shampoo, rinse and body wash in our bathroom.
Beverages - Beer, sodas and juice.
Disposable Ear Plugs - I highly recommend this as it cuts down on noise complaints.
Blackout Curtains - I don’t know if this really qualifies as a perk. Guests love them.
Plastic Slippers - Guests from places where shoes aren’t worn indoors appreciate these. We wash them in hot water between guests.
Hair Dryer
Beach Towels

Thanks so much!

The only running water they are gonna have available is from he bathroom sink and for some reason I never trusted that water. Bottles will be specific for coffee and teas :slight_smile:

Sling is a cable service that you can stream via a roku, fire stick, pc, phone etc… is like a cheap good cable.
Echo dot is what amazon offers that you can talk to and ask stuff like weather, set an alarm. etc…

Ellen, I’m looking into offering bikes, but feel nervous about the liability. Do you have guests sign something? Do you offer helmets?

No, we don’t have guests sign anything. We offer helmets, but very few guests use them. I told my husband that I thought shared helmets were disgusting so he found some where you can take out the part that touches your head and wash it.

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Perks differ depending on whether you offer a whole house vs. host occupied, and differ yet still if your whole house is a dedicated rental or you live there. We live in our cottage when not rented and renters are welcome to use anything in the kitchen or bathrooms. All TVs have Rokus attached. I also offer a Pack-N-Play for folks who bring babies or toddlers.

We have a kitchenette with microwave, sink and mini fridge. We present a bottle of wine, two bottles of water, caf and decaf coffees and teas, sugars and creamers, hot pot and coffee maker. We provide them with full prepared breakfasts which they choose from over a dozen menu items. In the bathroom there are a large shampoo and body wash, bar soap, and an assortment of items they may have forgotten – bug spray, sunscreen, tooth floss, skin creams, etc. They have full access to the solar-heated pool which is 6 ft from their front door. There are also sand chair, a beach unbrella and large beach towels.

The listing is a detached cabana (sleeps 2 only) next to the house in the enclosed “pool cage”. In season we charge $95 a night; off-season it’s $65.

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Depending on how vigilant your zoning enforcers are, I would be very careful offering a prepared breakfast. In my location this would make me a Bed and Breakfast and would need special licensing and inspections from the health department.

I offer use of my Tate membership card, so guests can enjoy special modern art exhibitions for free … if they’re into that sort of thing ;)! When they do make use of it, theyre very appreciative as it saves them a fortune, particularly if they’re a group.

I also put tea / coffee / milk jiggers, a kettle and treats in the rooms. I also offer basic breakfast items : 3 or 4 types of cereal in Kilner jars, milks, spreads and occasionally bread … although I don’t actually advertise that.


Homemade cake or biscuits on arrival
Tea/coffee/water in room
Shampoo etc
Bath robes
Breakfast home made jams and breads with the rest
Emergency box with everything in case you forgot something
Smart Tv’s in rooms
Rain mac’s , these always get used
Guest fridge has OJ, Yogurts, cheese and hams ( get a lot of germans and they love this )
If am free do a little tour in the car ,show them the beach and fishing villages beside us
My husband, he talks for Ireland and chats away for hours


I offer a kettle, instant coffee and tea, half and half, cups, and a bottle of water per person. I don’t put these in the listing so they should be unexpected, pleasant surprises. In winter I put a small, good quality chocolate per person as well. There is a small box with individually wrapped mints year round. At $50 per night per couple with private entrance and ensuite bath, fridge and microwave, I can’t afford many perks.

Was floored at the massive selection at target, however maybe walmart is the same. I trust no one, so one time use packages are a must. Can you imagine if you just left a large bottle of shampoo in the shower, and a guest tampered with it. Nair for the next guy might be someones idea of a sick joke. Did I mention I trust no one? :joy:


We do much like many others have mentioned. Medicine cabinet has small soap, conditioner, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, qtips, sunscreen, lotion and two single use advil packs.
We do not offer breakfast but we do have a snack box with microwave popcorn, single serving cheese it-s, fudge stripe cookies, quaker breakfast bars, kind granola bars and a nut mix. We do have a full kitchen and just have basics, oil, oil spray, salt, pepper and fresh garlic.
We offer bottled water and a keurig with an assortment of teas, coffees, hot chocolate and warm cider.
We used to leave a bottle of wine then realized not all of our guests have been of age so we stopped that unless you are staying more than one day and we feel you are of legal age.

Yes, Brandt… we’ve gone over this many times here. Not everyone can cook for their guests. But since I can, and I am a trained Personal Chef, I do so.

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@mikelowrey I don’t remember who it was, but someone here offered a complementary bounce house :joy:


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Sounds fab @cassid which part of Ireland are you in?

I bought my favorite Banksy book in the Tate Modern gift shop. :slight_smile: the gift shop and the cafe don’t have an entrance fee.