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What is your budget for special treats for your guests?


Do you have an average monthly budget or amount to spend on special details for your guests, whether it’s for decorations or accesories? For example, would you spend $20, $40 or $50, $100 dollars a month on chocolates, wine or flowers to decorate your home and the guests’ room?


I spend about $15-20 per booking, I always have a bottle of bubbly and do a fresh fruit platter. I buy the wine in bulk on special and the fruit platter is seasonal so prices do go up and down.

Special Occasions I will find that something that represents the occasion. :smiley:


We have little bottles of shampoo and body wash for our guests and it seems to be a big hit.


Just curious where you guys stock these goodies for your guests? Do you have the cleaners put it in there every time, and do you stock them the unit?

Founder of MaidThis! Cleaning


I used to stock fruit and beer until guests got too drunk and it was bad for compulsive alcoholics. Fruit always rotted. Now I just offer breakfast bars and bottled water.


Hi Neel
I live in the building next to the apt and do all the cleaning myself so everything is stored in my home.

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