What is this icon?

What is this icon in the top right of a day in my calendar please?


It gives you notification that ABB is trying to give you a tip, such as pricing, and should correspond with some pricing guidance on the top right of the screen. I think it correlates with someone looking at your listing but not booking and then ABB goes on to tell you “You home was views (blah blah blah) but people booked someplace else at $xx less per night” or something along those lines.

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Yep. That makes sense. Thank you.

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When I see that icon I usually raise my price for those dates or at the very least I make sure I don’t lower my rates. I use it as an indication of demand. I don’t know if that’s how Airbnb intends it.

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Some wisdom there. In our case we don’t have that much competition. When I get a notification that says 3 guests have chosen accom at say $8 less per night the following is usually true:

  1. The accom they have booked is not within walking distance to the beach, restaurants and shops which is usually why people choose to stay in our tropical tourism destination.

  2. It is not even within the suburb of their original search.

  3. The next available choice for those nights is upwards of $25 more per night.


I get crazy ones sometimes, such as “Someone looked, but booked a place at $475 lower than yours” when our rate is $500. We were NEVER in competition with a $25 per night place so I completely disregard the “advice” they give me.

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This is a programming error. Given the IT resources that AirBnB have and the huge IT challenges that they have successfully met over the years, it is really surprising that they have allowed this relatively simple function to serve up errors like this.

That just made me LOL.