What is the chance to register my flat in Barcelona on tourist listing?

I have 1 extra double bed that I am planning to rent on airbnb.
If I want to do it completely legal I have to register my place.
However, being around sagrada familia, how likely my application will be accepted by the government?
Has anyone you know around Sagrada got accepted

Surely the city council would be the best people to ask?

You MUST know the city is not accepting any applications and has not been since 2013! Our wonderful mayor has put the axe on short term rentals. It would be very difficult to live in this city and not know about the continual struggle of Ada Colau versus tourism.

If you do rent illegally you face 30k Euro fine or 4-6 years listing your house on Social Housing. Don’t do it.

Thanks for all the replies,
Of course the city council is the best place to ask but I doubt they will say anything, and just ask me to try to register.
I want to do it legally. But if what you are saying is true, then I dont mind to rent it to some student monthly, it is still good for me.
Btw, since 2013, no application being accepted? never knew that