What is the Air fee?

HI @Como

That’s okay I am already clear on Airbnb’s charging structure.

Airbnb charge HOSTS 3%. They charge guests up to 20%.

This still doesn’t mean they are charging you as a host 15%. If they are as I said give them a call now.

If AirBnB did it for free and I kept my pricing the same I get 15% more, quite simple.

Exactly how they take it from the Gross is not that relevant.

Look @Como as I have already mentioned in this thread, if you don’t like what Airbnb charge use another listing company

Or market your listing yourself. I guarantee you, it would cost you substantially more. You would not get 15% more.

Saying Airbnb should not charge you for it’s service is just being rather silly.

My guests don’t get charged 15% by the way. The total fees for host and guest runs between 8- 14%.

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Lucky! I wish I knew what the variables were and I think that’s something we can all agree Airbnb is lacking: transparency.

Our places are comparable in price and 11.2% is the lowest fee any guest has ever been quoted that I know of. That was for a proposed one month stay. With my 3% it would have been 14.2%. Of course I don’t look at every transaction every time but every time I have looked my one night booking guest fee it is almost 14%. And then there is the tax on top of that.

I figured it out…at least in the US. To get any fee less than 10% means renting a place above my price range. LOL.

I do not think I could market and secure my own guests like Airbnb can. I do think guests mark my listing down on value factoring in the 16% fee as that’s included in what they pay overall. That £7-10 per night adds up to them.


Exactly, well I have had my own web site so I know I couldn’t. As far as I can tell the c15% AirBnb charge me is less than the other big boys would, would cost me c3% for CC fees so look at is as c12% as most people want to use their CC rather than cheque or cash.

Up the individual Host how they value AirBnb or any other site. I do know that the clientele AirBnB brings me is different and I am missing out on people who would not consider using AirBnB, not currently a big enough deal but will be.

I have spent a lot of years as a writer and internet marketer. I have social media accounts with tens of thousands of followers. I have plenty of websites. I even have dreams about the best way to optimise sites for search engines. I’m a totally experienced nerd.

But I can’t market and promote our listings the way Airbnb can.

They are the industry leader. They get loads of publicity without even trying. The website is one of the most popular sites worldwide.

I can’t compete and why should !?

I know that we’re talking about what the guest pays here but…

$130.14 x 7 nights $911.00
Cleaning fee $50.00
Subtotal $961.00
Service fee -$29.00

So I pay $29 for all those service Airbnb offers me. That’s just fine.


You technically pay the guest fee as well. You theoretically should be able to raise your rates by the guest fee assuming they would not pay it direct. I value my time, and gladly pay the fee’s they charge.

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That’s right @Brandt - this is what sparked me to start this thread in the first place. I’m not saying it’s wrong of Airbnb, but it came as quite a surprise.

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Theoretically, yes, but how far could you take this theory? Guests know that they are paying for a service to Airbnb, just as they know with a traditional travel agent. Guests and hosts are paying Airbnb for various aspects of the company’s services. We all pay for services.

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I’m still under of the belief that any fee taken out is only a fee taken out of the hosts pocket. Call it a guest fee but it ultimately cuts into the hosts market value.

The end service that guests pay for is accommodation.
Guests decide a market price for their accommodation.
Hosts do not collect the full market value because Airbnb has been mastering and charging for it’s distribution channel. Hosts are paying for distribution - like taxes being taken out of their paycheck.

As @Como also mentioned, guests mark down the value of a property based on the fees associated with renting it.


every fee is also a booking, so you need to value the income stream it is generating.

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When I book accommodation I look only at the total inclusive of all costs, the breakdown does not matter.

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I have no idea how Airbnb set their fees. A complete mystery :slight_smile:

Technically and actually you don’t ! The guest pays for the services they receive from Airbnb. You don’t.

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Semantics. You would not care if Airbnb guest fee’s tripled?


Airbnb is testing higher guest fees, or so it appears.

So I think hosts should be very active criticizing Airbnb actions because:

If guests pays higher amount they will have higher expectations from the HOSTS
It will be not competitive with other platforms like booking.com 15%, agoda homes 15%, flipkey, home away etc. So in a while properties which post there will take over the market. It is even more disappointing when you remember each case how you decided to lose money just to get a good review on airbnb
Airbnb didnt notify anyone about experimenting on us which is insolent

Host price Guest pays Airbnb service fee Airbnb guest fee Airbnb host fee Total airbnb surcharge
$10 $12 $2 20.0% 3% 23.0%
$11 $13 $2 18.2% 3% 21.2%
$12 $14 $2 16.7% 3% 19.7%
$13 $15 $2 15.4% 3% 18.4%
$14 $16 $2 14.3% 3% 17.3%
$15 $17 $2 13.3% 3% 16.3%
$16 $19 $3 18.8% 3% 21.8%
$17 $21 $4 23.5% 3% 26.5%
$18 $22 $4 22.2% 3% 25.2%
$19 $23 $4 21.1% 3% 24.1%
$20 $24 $4 20.0% 3% 23.0%
$21 $25 $4 19.0% 3% 22.0%
$22 $26 $4 18.2% 3% 21.2%
$23 $27 $4 17.4% 3% 20.4%
$24 $29 $5 20.8% 3% 23.8%
$25 $30 $5 20.0% 3% 23.0%
$26 $31 $5 19.2% 3% 22.2%
$27 $32 $5 18.5% 3% 21.5%
$28 $33 $5 17.9% 3% 20.9%
$29 $34 $5 17.2% 3% 20.2%
$30 $35 $5 16.7% 3% 19.7%
$1,101 $1,191 $90 8.2% 3% 11.2%
$406 $436 $30 7.4% 3% 10.4%
$951 $1,026 $75 7.9% 3% 10.9%
$413 $460 $47 11.4% 3% 14.4%