What I learned from Airbnb's Customer Service about your house rules

Many of you provided feedback about my issue with a guest not complying with my Airbnb IB rules and House Rules that he confirmed in writing that he would follow.

The last 3 days I got 3 different conflicting answers from CS about this issue. Eventually by escalating to a Supervisor via Facebook, I got the following confirmation that Airbnb will not enforce my (or your) house rules even if the guest agrees because it’s "
not a guest standard" . WTF? (Nice way to support hosts).

Anyway I did get the supervisor to agree to cancel it penalty free but without payment and put in writing that they will remove any review that they guest leaves.

The supervisor let it slip that the guest acknowledged that he said he had no intentions of showing up for his reservation so I decided to just let it stay. (I know many you might disagree and I should have just eaten the loss but he held my calendar hostage for a month and it took a lot of my time dealing with CS,.) I’m rolling the dice. If it comes back to bite me, that’s on me,

After a bit off snooping I found his address, education, job and age online. It does seem like he’s a decent guy trying to get a full refund after the deadline to cancel with a full refund.

Which brings me to how this whole issue came up. The guest tried to make a modification to his reservation and I caught him in a lie, and if accepted, it restarts the clock on cancellation for full refunds even if it goes against your cancellation policy. Without coming right out she let me know that she is aware of this glitch and recommended I send feedback about it.

So I’m asking folks to send in their own feedback about the problem too:

I learn a lot about this experience (even after 6 years of hosting).


Of course Airbnb doesn’t “enforce” house rules. How would they do that? It’s up to a host to enforce their house rules. It’s not like Airbnb is going to send someone to force a guest to take off their shoes indoors, or stop smoking indoors.

However, it would be nice if they were at least supportive to hosts in facilitating a penalty-free cancellation if the guest refuses to respect house rules.


That’s what I meant by enforcing house rules. More like supporting the host in their decision to cancel guests.


So, this isn’t about “house rules” at all? I’m confused.

I ask all guest to provide their full legal name, current address and age. It’s in my Instant Book requirements and in my house rules.

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ABB really needs to get their act together. Either they’re a booking engine and review platform that allows hosts to set the rules that ABB will assist in supporting, or they’re an over-reaching “parent” company of host listings and hosts have to abide by their rules, just like a chain hotel or a franchise.

Ugh. I just go through with this.




I’m shocked you see someone who made those vile threats as a ‘decent guy’.


He didn’t make vile threats, he tried to manipulate the system to his advantage. I don’t see him as a treats but I also know he’s not showing up.

And that’s the sort of thing a “decent guy” does?


Wow, so his education and job somehow told you that? Seems like a shitty move for such a “decent guy” to push for a refund after the free cancellation window has expired.