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What has been your experience hosting other hosts?

What has been your experience hosting other AirBnB hosts?

I’ve only had good experiences, but perhaps because they’re knowledgable enough to know I am offering a quality stay for a good price. One new host said he learned a lot about hosting from me! My own experiences as a guest, as well as the stories here such as DC’s recent farm-stay, have convinced me that those of us who frequent this board are the cream of the AirBnB crop.

However, I imagine that some guest-hosts could feel threatened by seeing another host do it better. Hasn’t happened to me yet, but perhaps because I decline locals (checking out the competition) and bargain seekers (one guy asked for a discount since he was a host himself and knew how to be a good guest).

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I’ve had 5 or 6 people who have hosted here but only 2 I’d consider “hosts,” meaning currently, regularly hosting. I’m neutral on them they are no better or worse than any other guest.

I could definitely see fellow hosts feeling threatened. I see it here on this forum all the time, LOL.


I’ve only hosted 2 sets of guests that were also active hosts, both were lovely guests.
I’ve had 3 other hosts make inquiries, 2 asked for significant price decreases, and one wanted more guests to stay than what my listing is appropriate for. I didn’t decline any of them, just said that my prices were not negotiable, and I sent an updated/altered request for the other one, indicating the correct number of people and a higher rate, she didn’t book it :slight_smile:

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that’s hilarious that hosts are asking for discounts – they are obviously not on this forum, LOL! That must mean that they themselves do give discounts so this is clearly why guests keep asking.


I’m waiting for you all to book your winter getaways here, and come sample my gourmet breakfasts. THEN I’ll answer this question!


I’ve hosted at least 2 hosts or former hosts. The first one was wishy-washy, asked for a discount, disregarded the rules (then told me in her comments that I should change them), said she was going to stay for a month, but only booked for two weeks (thank goodness!). The second one was a local host. She stayed with me while she rented her house for about 10 days. She was understanding and very nice. When we were hit by a heat wave for a couple of days (and I don’t have air conditioning), she opted to stay with a friend. She didn’t complain or ask for a refund. I have also had inquiries (no bookings) from hosts or former hosts, with lots of reviews, who asked for an ADDITIONAL discount. To put this in perspective, my rates are already very VERY low for the area, so that I am able to maintain a high occupancy rate (gotta pay that mortgage!). On top of that, I give discounts for weekly and monthly stays. Overall, I’ve been really disappointed with hosts. They should know better. >:-/


My friend’s worst guest ever was another host. She rented a room from my friend while her whole condo was rented out to her own AirBnB guests.

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My experience is 50/50
1 - I had a very nice experience with another 2 superhosts. I even told them about free mattresses :slight_smile: They were happy. One superhost even invited us to his place and agrees to give to me and my husband free air tickets in December. He is retired from American Airline. He knows, I cook good food and told him that I come with a leg of lamb and will cook it.
2 - I got 3 booking inquiries for last 2 month from different superhosts/hosts asking to break my rules.
All of them wrote extra sweet letters asking if I can accept them in the first case - with a child, second case - with a dog and third inquiry - if they can have a party. In my rules I have - No Children, No Dogs, NO Parties. I did not accept those 3 different requests.


My very first guests were superhosts – a young couple who give me a lot of advice and encouragement. Their review remains one of the best ones I have ever received. I had another superhost couple this summer when I was in Italy. Again, great review. Both sets of hosts left my place super clean.

I’m afraid that I have been one of those very candid hosts when leaving a review as a guest. I do state in the reviews that I am a host and to take everything I say with a grain of salt because when it comes to cleaning, I am OCD, and I expect the basics (coffee IS A BASIC, people!). My last guest experience was in Rapallo, Italy and I left our host, Luca, a shining review because he was a great host, his place was clean, his description and photos were spot on, and it was a great value (even the “location” got a five star review from me, as all Air properties should!).


50-50. could be the best as could be the worst

I just searched for this exact question and so glad to find this thread! I’m 0 for 3 with hosting other hosts and wanted some perspective. Something or another has happened with every single one that has made me disappointed with other hosts. One didn’t communicate her arrival time or respond to messages, one changed dates at the last minute, and the other booked 1 guest but brought along her adult son (surprise!).

It’s probably the luck of the draw, but of the three I’ve hosted, there is a pattern. I’m hosting a coastal location near a popular city, perfect for a weekend getaway. All have been local city host guests who voluntarily disclosed that they are using their AirBnB gift certificates on my listing. I suspect that they are thus not “valuing” their booking like they might if they were using their own money, which is making me annoyed with AirBnB for giving hosts gift certificates.

I have time to talk to my guests and other hosts I’ve hosted are great. They understand the need for house rules and I have heard stories of unreimbursed broken antiques (the ones where they learn only AFTER the fact that Airbnb requires proof and photos of damaged property before and after) and tales of incredibly sloppy guests they’ve hosted. I’ve also hosted hosts who are young and have illegally sublet rented apartments in big cities and have been evicted for doing so. They seem pretty clueless and are just into the opportunism and quick profit it provides, they don’t care about the serious responsibilities of home ownership.

I have the useless Superhost thing, and while trying to book all over Europe I had all but one booking inquiry accepted/replied to. No words, no explanation. Nothing. And the onky reply I got was to say the room had been booked and the didn’t update the calendar (yeah, right).

I guess most hosts, at least in the 6 European countries I tried, do not welcome other hosts in their home.

Why Vera, I never put two and two together; that SH badge marks us a ‘Persona non Grata’ with some hosts.

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Yup it is a target on your back! I cry discrimination! Thank goodness I am not a dreaded SH!!!


I can totally see why hosts would want to avoid Superhosts who are much more likely to bend over backwards to please guests and expect everyone else to do likewise. So does this mean Superhosts avoid other Superhosts?

I’m hosting a SH right now, we will see how this goes, lol.

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I didnt want to be a sh specifically after reading here the horror stories of guests think superhost should go out of their way for them, which I won’t be doing with my prices. I provide a spotless house ad I think that’s where my strength is. My husband does most of the talking with guests and I am the second host in case he is not around. After we implement the self check in thing it has been wonderful because we can go on about our day and no need to babyskt anyone. P.S: I am available via Airbnb message any time.

That being said, I really don’t like the way sh are protraited on Airbnb, guests can’t get it, and now I think much less hosts can get it.
I inquired very simple questions like 'hi xx, my name is Bla Bla I am travelling with such and such . Xx city is our stop #3 in a 3 week Europe tour. I like your place because of this and that and would love to stay for the dates x and x. Response? DECLINED. From ALL of them in 10 different cities. Except one. Maybe the problem is me.
Eventually I thought of creating another account just as a guest and I did, got pre-approved , but before they pre-approved me I booked hotels. Saw their pre-approved in the morning after I have finalized all the bookings.

@Mearns I get it, I believe many of them are (us?) . I personally wanted Airbnb not to have the filter for SH in the search. Too high expectations…

@konacoconutz at least from the hosts I contacted that declined my inquiry from sh account and approved my ‘guest’ account, I can say total discrimination

@chicagohost I hear you

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I am one of those hosts that does not like to hosts (super)hosts.

Why? Very simple, we cannot ever live up to the standards most hosts have.
Our apartments and building are a bit old-fashioned, show wear and tear and need renovating. We are working hard and spend all of our money doing so.

But because of the state they are in, we offer them at very competitive prices.

Other hosts do not seem to grasp the value for money thing. They expect the same kind of place as they are offering, but seem to forget we ask only 30% of their price.

Or they book something at the same price level their place is in, but forget their place is in some little s****ole in the middle of nowhere, where property prices are 1/5th of where we are.

And the worst is that they do not say anything about it when they are in your place, and you are having a nice conversation over a beer. No, they backstab you in the reviews.

So now I avoid other hosts as much as possible.

I get you. I am glad it is most hosts, not all of them.

Wow Vera - 10 different cities and you were declined. That sucks!! Then you get approved as soon as you make a new account.

And here Air is focused on other types of discrimination…but they forgot all about the superhosts who face discrimination. I am laughing…but I am not laughing. Ok…I am shedding a few laughter tears. But wow…that was blatant discrimination you received.

We should all ask Air if they will add “superhost status” to one of their protected classes. It seems Air is choosing which classes it wants to protect anyway. They axed “familial status” and replaced it with marital status.

Airbnb hosts may not:
Decline a guest based on race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, superhost status, or marital status. :smile:

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