What happens when you remove a listing permanently?

Do you get to keep the feedback from that listing? Will you still have access to your messages from the guests who stayed at that listing?

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If you delete the listing, you lose all the feedback and access to messages for that listing.

If you unlist it, you don’t lose anything. You still have the account for that listing, access to previous messages, and all your history of feedback. It can stay unlisted until you relist it.

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Is there a timeframe by which you must relist it before AirBnB takes it upon themselves to delete the listing? We sold the AirBnB house and the sale closes on Friday and it’s is extremely unlikely, once that happens, that we would ever repurchase it and list it on AirBnB again…but never say never.

We had 3 single family houses on AirBnB, and we will still have two listed. But I’d hate to lose the feedback on that house because more than half of our feedback came from house, and it was great feedback.

I should add, the feedback on the other two is excellent also, but we haven’t had as many guests stay at those two houses. They tend to attract longer term guests, rather than weekend stays.

Airbnb hasn’t published any info that I know of on how long a listing can be unlisted. So maybe they don’t have a limit. But even if they don’t, they could set one.

Thank you! I appreciate the info!

As long as you have an active listing I’m fairly sure the reviews stay.

Another host I know had two properties listed for a year or so, and then he sold one. His host profile shows reviews from his remaining property and from the one he sold. The difference is that you can’t click through to view the sold one.

I was going to stick a screenshot up but it looks like he’s delisted his remaining one.