What happens to funds collected through resolution centre before check in when the stay is cancelled?

Dear Hosts,

I collect the city tax via resolution centre as soon as a guest books. Usually these are remitted with the payment a few days after the guests check in.

Now I had cancellations which were fully refunded due to covid 19. What happens to the funds collected via resolution centre? I contacted Airbnb and they are saying I can send them a refund through resolution centre but I never received the tax payment in the first place.

Anyone had a similar experience?


If the guest paid through the resolution center, then Airbnb has the money and is holding it for you until the day after the guest’s scheduled check-in. If you refund it before your payout, then Airbnb will refund the money they are holding and you never see it. If you wait until after your payout, then Airbnb will have already paid the money to you. They will still refund the guest, but will deduct it from a future payout to you.

Before you issue any refunds, be 100% sure that Airbnb collected the extra money through the resolution center and that Airbnb did not already refund it.