What Happens If Instead of Declining a Reservation You Block the Dates?

Suppose you receive a reservation request and instead of declining the reservation you block the dates.

I am assuming (but don’t know) that the system will now say that the date are unavailable for the booking and the Host will not be able to accept the reservation or decline it.

Now suppose a few days later the Host unblocks those dates.

Will the Host be free to accept a reservation for those dates?

I ask because, hypothetically, suppose a Host did not want to accept a reservation from a guest but also did not want the system to record that as a declining of a reservation. Is this an acceptable work-around?

That will only work for an enquiry.
The dates will be blocked for a RTB.

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Thank you, I didn’t know. 20202020

As hosts we HATE guests that try and skirt the system, why would it be acceptable for a host to skirt the system. Declining a booking for a valid reason, especially if you don’t make a habit of it is not the end of the world.

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