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What happened to the airbnb sound on my iphone?

I no longer hear that happy sound…

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Change the message tone on your settings. Harp I think it’s called @Rolf :slight_smile:

I love the Airbnb sound :slightly_smiling_face:

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I was just thinking this the other day!

On iphone 10X, where? I get imessages of course, but the airbnb app does not make a sound… it used to be a very specific one when i got a message in the air app…

I have been working on that same thing today!!
Called in to CS and she did mention that some members are having problems lately but for me it has been since I started my summer listing last year !!!
I miss that $$$$ sound ! Currently working on my settings and I think I may have it fixed. Installing home security now and push notifications were not happening for that either.
Have fixed that so hopefully it will work with AirBnB too.

There is a sound? Never heard it. I need to check my settings


It is quite delightful ! The money making sound. Kah Ching ! ! !

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I checked my settings, Sounds banners are allowed. It has NEVER made a sound in 2 years.


To me, the Airbnb sound was like hearing the sound of money…KaChing!

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Missed an inquiry for 5 hours ‘cause I didn’t hear the sound -2 days now

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I don’t understand this. Don’t you have notifications on the home screen?

I am also missing the sound - have been for a least a month now. Android phone.

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this discussion is about the sound that does NOT happen

I don’t have an iphone 10X so don’t know what your settings are @Rolf. Either do it on your Airbnb settings on your profile or the sound settings on your phone.

And you can turn it ON and off from the Notifications section in your phone’s settings.

I’ve already advised him to do this @NordlingHouse

It’s not the issue. Global notifications all work, I get all texts I get all emails. The problem is that airbnb has a distinctive sound when the message came from their messages. The on off for this of course is on

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Yes. But are the sounds necessary when you have notifications on the home screen is what I asked?

Many of us are doing secondary things that require attention, and the sound of texts for example without discrimination of who or what means that we have to look at everything that shows up. This is impractical for me, for example, when I am engaged in work. And, I can turn off text and email notification but leave air on.

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