What else should I do?

Have a guest at the moment in the cottage, arrived last night and is leaving tomorrow, they have sent a message this morning saying 1 of the 2 radiators n the lounge aren’t working, went and had a look the temp dial/valve is just spinning…I have spoken to my repair guy he can’t make it until Monday, it’s not a cold house, in my own house my heating isn’t even on…what can/should I do other than offer a plug in heater for there use on the meantime?

Where are you? I am in the UK and it’s not even heating time there yet. I would say your offer of a space heater for just 2 days until the plumber arrives is more than generous. I hope they don’t run up a big bill.
What about the guests wearing jumpers? Even I had a jacket on outside for the first time since spring yesterday lol.

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UK, near Edinburgh and I agree it’s far from cold, in my 3 bed house the heating hasn’t been on since early Apri! I find the cottage really warm without heating but i will put in an oil heater and apologize.

have a quick google on that valve, see if you can adjust something with a spanner. Not ideal, but if it gets heat flowing, all good

Ah so a little colder than here on the west coast of England with the benefit of the Gulf Stream, but still probably what I would call pleasantly fresh. I have Scottish genes and do not feel the cold, but the guests might be different. It’s worth offering the space heater just to get a good review but the planet says put on a jumper!

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Where have they come from? What’s the weather like at the moment up there? What’s the temperature? I realise I’m in a much warmer part of the UK, the South East (21C today, cloudless) but it’s no way way cold enough to want the heating on, surely! Perhaps someone else in your part of the country can chime in, but I think, unless it is cold, you should simply just explain that you can’t get it fixed this early in the Autumn, not until Monday at the earliest; that one radiator working in the room should be sufficient at this time of year, all done with a slight air of bewildered surprise.


We always disagree about the temperature :slight_smile:

I’d want a heater plus jumper for anything below 75F.

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The jumper has to go on first. I can’t take requests for heating seriously from someone in a t-shirt lol.


75F? And you a Brit to boot. That’s positively balmy temperatures. Too used to sunnier climes by now, I suspect. I used to get cold in Bahraini winters, but that was the humidity.

That’s it exactly. As a teenager in Yorkshire I used to be one of those skimpy-frock-no-coat brigade even when there was snow on the ground. No more! :slight_smile: