What does the *4.92 stand for

Hi everyone, I’m new on this forum and wonder what the *4.92 stands for on my account when I search for my property in the travelling section. Other properties have 4.7, 4.5 and even a 5. So I am wondering how I turn my * into a 5. I am a Superhost and not sure what I am doing wrong. Thanks for your help!

That is the score of your accumulated reviews. to get to 5 you need to keep getting 5 stars on your reviews until you over average 5.

Thank you I guess the more reviews you have then the less chance you have of getting a 5.


You can go back to your account and check to see which category you received a 4. If it’s location, there’s nothing you can do but anything else, you can make changes.

This number is the average of your overall rating score, NOT the “location”, “cleanliness”, etc. scores. So If you had 100 reviews with 99 being 5* and 1 being 4* then your average score is (99 x 5) + (1 x 4) divided by the number of reviews (100), = 4.99. So, unless you ALWAYS score 5*, it’s impossible to have an average score of 5. We’ve had 105 reviews, 102 of them 5* and 3 of them 4* - quite good, but our average is 4.97. I believe that AirBnB come gunning for you if your average score goes below 4.8.


What @southendbootboy wrote is completely accurate. It is the “OVERALL RATING” that is averaged, not the individual “FEEDBACK” ratings.

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Nope. There are quite a few in my area way under that, some as low as 4.2.


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Sorry - yes, I’m sure you’re right, John. Is it that you can’t be a Superhost with an average score lower than 4.8? - not sure.


Below 4.8 average in the past year will cause you to lose Superhost status.

Go to your Progress–>Opportunities page and look under Basic requirements and you’ll see that the target for overall rating is 4.7. Airbnb says “Targets represent the level of performance that’s expected from hosts on Airbnb.” However, they don’t say what happens if you fall below the target.

I have over 500 reviews. My average is 4.98 and one reason it’s not 4.99 is because someone gave me a 1 star review (instead of a 5) by accident. I also have a few 4 stars and one 3 star (which was earned early on in my hosting days). So as time goes by you certainly can learn and raise it but you have to have high standards. You need to take responsibility for providing the highest quality and don’t blame the guests for giving honest reviews.

4.92 is excellent and you must be doing a good job already. Reading and learning here can help you immensely. I give this forum a lot of credit for my success.


So do I and interestingly, I thought when I was thinking about starting with Airbnb that I was the bees’ knees anyway and had nothing to learn. Because I’d been hosting STR for such a long time, I thought that Airbnb would be just the same.

But nevertheless, I started reading here and I’m pretty sure that I read every single topic. (There were fewer in those days but even so…,.!)

I was so wrong to be a know-it-all. Airbnb is unlike other forms of STR and it’s so important to know how it works, its standards, what’s important (and what isn’t) and to learn from the experiences of others.


We had our first guests here this past weekend. They raved about their first night and on the second day my son’s soccer coach showed up (6’1” black man with black hoodie and face mask); they called the cops on him. Crazy! I mentioned they should probably leave if feeling uncomfortable, I credited them their entire stay. Wondering if they can still write a bad review? Btw, cops report was created and it’s obvious they overreacted.

Probably should be a new post - not part of this thread

I’m need to this group and I’m not sure how to post. Will look into it.

Ah … I think that brand new members can’t create new topics (prevents “new member spam”).
Reply to a few more topics, and you will probably see this:

They can leave a review. You should be able to get it removed since they are clearly racist. I don’t know why you placated them with a refund. I had guests who were “intimidated” by my black neighbor and I reported them to Airbnb. They left, I kept the money, their review was blocked and they were removed from the platform. You need to report these people. Call it in and they will create a case with the legal department. It’s fairly painless to get it done. Nobody wants these guests.

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You rewarded them for being racists who called the cops on your son’s soccer coach? Why in the world would you do that? That just confirms to them that their racism is justified. No way should they have been refunded- they need to be reported to Airbnb.

And make sure you leave a review for them, just in case Airbnb doesn’t close their account. Don’t say they were racist, just briefly state the facts of what they did.
Need to eliminate the Karens from the platform, be they guests or hosts.


Like @muddy, I feel we need an explanation here.

Appreciate your response. This was our first guests!!! I am a newbie and I just wanted them out as I have other great people booked and I didn’t want them to write a bad review. It seems that there is a police report that states the person at our door was a soccer coach and I can provide that if they decide to write a bad review. My issue is they know where our property is so I am not trying to have any people whoever they are do crazy stuff. Appreciate that you see that this is as crazy as it is!

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