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What do your guests message/text you about during their stay?

After booking your airbnb unit and after you’ve sent your welcome email/message, what are some of the things that guests message you about during their stay?

Frequently I get the same questions. Trying to see if I get the same questions as everyone else :slight_smile:

  • What are the check out instructions?
  • How do I use stream Netflix from the tablet you’ve provided?
  • Where do I park (my car)?
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  • Where is a grocery store? (This is in my guest book.)
  • How do I turn off the smoke alarm? (Which is not a surprise because my alarm already alerted me. It is always smoke from cooking.)
  • Where is the nearest swimming hole?
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HI Tommy!!! Love to see you here! I hope you keep posting!

I think if they do text me it is at the end to ask me things like check out procedures. I really don’t hear all that much from them, thank goodness (tee hee).

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We used to get questions about how to check-out. So we put them in the listing House Rules, and also message everyone with them one day before checkout. Usually they don’t message us very much, mostly it’s us messaging them with local tips etc.

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I send the world’s longest welcome email two days prior to a guest’s arrival (so that it is fresh in their brain), which covers just about everything, including check-in, check-out times, precise directions to my place, where most things are located in my townhouse (such as the toaster, the upper deck chairs, extra blankets, the garbage dumpsters etc.), a reiteration of the house rules and the check-out procedure. I also have the check-out procedure in two different drawers. I have a couple of Lucite standing frames with the house rules (again!) and that the items in the bathroom cabinet are there for them to use, in case they forgot anything. I also have a copy of my guide in the “info” drawer. I really don’t have many questions, probably because they can read this abnormally long welcome email on the way to my place or on the airplane.


The only message I generally receive from the guest is shortly after they arrive saying they got there, love the place and are looking forward to their stay. Some aren’t communicators and I don’t hear from them. I have only been asked twice in 6-1/2 yrs. where the nearest restaurant/grocery store are…no other questions.

I think the reason for not getting questions is because I’ve covered pretty much everything during the preliminary communication following the booking.

About two weeks before the guests arrive, I email them with a ‘countdown’ letter. I give them detailed instructions for getting to the condo, what to say to the parking attendant (so they avoid getting a regular parking ticket), how to access the unit with their personal code, the location of the parking pass in the condo and tips about finding a parking spot.

When they enter the condo, I have a ‘Welcome’ letter next to the gift basket and it includes some ‘helpful reminders’ about their stay and the care of the condo. It also informs them of who to call in emergency situations, where the Inventory is so they know where everything is (and so they know I keep tabs on everything!), a reminder to lay a towel on the sofa or bed if they have not removed body lotions, the location of the trash chute and laundry room…things like that.

On the back side of the sheet is a list of the few things they must do prior to departing, such as removing the trash, washing/putting away kitchen items they used, removing perishables from the fridge and leaving the A/C on low (the housecleaner usually arrives within the hour). I include a ‘gentle reminder’ that it is also our vacation home and it is appreciated if they leave things tidy and intact.

I include a blurb that says they are welcome to use and consume whatever is in the condo but not to remove any items when they depart.

Guest feedback always mentions how organized everything is and they loved the detailed information. I never get to meet my guests but they all say they feel like they know me. (Interesting.) There are about 7-8 repeat guests every year so I guess my M.O. works for me.


What is the address.
We are heading out now should arrive at (insert time)
Since we are on site hosts, we get the what to do where to go questions when they check in.
Why they ask for the address since it’s in the confirmation, well they don’t read I guess!


We don’t offer cable or netflix, but we do offer “free DVD rental” from our list of movies. So we often get requests for movies in the first day or two of a stay. We always provide a comment card and on it we have a list of possible additions we may add and rankings of importance, one of which is offering cable/netflix. What’s comforting about this, is several people have mentioned “not needed, you provide movies!”

We had received a few texts asking about check-out procedures, but now I provide a guest guidebook with quick lists like “during your stay please:” and “When checking out please”, and that has almost completely removed those types of texts.

We have received 2 texts asking if they can invite a friend over for a bit (private apartment on property), and I have approved those. I always appreciate the people who ask.


Well done. I have a printed, laminated Guidebook in the house for all guest to read upon arrival. I try to anticipate all the questions they might have and have added to the list over the last 10 months. But, I have found I missed a few; How do you operate the ice maker in the freezer, for example. I’ll also send them a detailed e-mail a couple days prior to arrival, just like you. It’s a learning process.

How do I get there? (Try the map and directions I sent you)
What’s the internet password? (Turn around and read that big note on the whiteboard)
Can you send me the locker code? (As I said, I’ll send it at check-in time)
How do I work the washer? (Instructions are on the table, if it’s unclear, please ask)

and the big one

Where do I put the keys when I leave? (Aargh. This is in the house rules, in the info I mailed you, and also on that ONE sheet of info which is in the apartment. Is one sheet of info really too much for you to bother? “Just leave them on the kitchen bench.”)

I do actually get a few who can’t cope with that and are convinced that I’ll be locked out if they leave keys inside.


Last week we had a guest phoning behind our door (she had phoned already few times from downstairs): “Now I’m behind your door”. - Try the doorbell! Sometimes you wonder…

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One host gave me a 20 minute orientation about topics such as how to use a Brita water pitcher, how to find a station on the radio, etc…and then at the end, he had me go out into the hall and use the key to get back in to demonstrate that I knew how to do it before he left.

He must have hosted some real dumdums before me.

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