What do you wish you knew

I like your mission statement It is a tricky subject, oftentimes the axiom is to charge what the market would bare, but then that may draw people that may indeed be harder to bare. My Spring 2018 is filling now, which would suggest at $395 it may still be offered too cheaply, though I like the people that do come now, and it also gives me an opportunity to be friendly and accomodating, which is my custom. but take no nonsense whatsoever from any guests arriving with an attitude. I think they kind of sense that. :sunglasses:

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Personally, I don’t like all that white … I think they should have used a few colored tiles to liven it up. Lose two stars for boring decor.

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I wish I knew this forum existed before I wasted so much time reading the Airbnb community groups


People will damage your property and not care at all about remedying the situation.

“It was an accident,” might cut it in a 400-room hotel, but it doesn’t in an individual’s home.


I wish I would have known that the cheapest guests were the most troublesome and that based on my personal experience, objective facts and stories, the Koreans are in my situation, the guests that top the list of the ones who bring me the least positive experience (the Americans being on second place)

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LOL!!! …

We aim to please! Partially because we don’t sugarcoat it around here!

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Tis’ true…it’s markedly and refreshingly different from other forums!

(…although sometimes, just before I step into this forum room I will toss in a piece of raw meat.)


I’m new so just asking. Do you mean smart pricing?

No problem! Here in the US listings can choose to use ‘smart pricing’. It’s in your price settings tab. You then set a base price and a minimum price and airbnb changes your prices based on demand and other factors.

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@I feel you. Some people travel around the world expecting to get more of the same as when they are at home. Why travel then? Better stay at home. Why booking an Airbnb? Stay at a fancy Mariott. But, you are right. Responding in length only draws attention and will make the guest even more entrenched in their position. have a good hosting season! Cheers, Mark