What do you use Excel/Google Sheets for?

Why not? It is an idea. An idea that someone could use to create a useful product. Businesses have been built on less.

But, my question for you is, why the snark?

It’s a great idea! Can be a great product, for sure. If people need and want, it can be a great one.

You speak about something you have that is great and then say it’s only for you. No one wants your database, but if you have built something, at least tell others how they can get started doing the same thing for themselves instead of what you say:

No offense intended, really.

Your reaction to smtucker is so odd. She answered the OP’s question and you have decided to challenge her on it for some reason. She already said she has no interest in “telling others how to get started doing the same thing.” The OP is the one interested in developing new tools for hosts. Maybe you should direct your comments toward him.

Then maybe I misunderstood.

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Honestly this happens often with new forum members. You don’t know everyone, no one knows you and the internet is hard to judge tone and expressions. Put a bunch of emojis and someone will call you passive aggressive.

So I’d say (to steal from a wise old carpentry saying,) “Read twice, comment once.”

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I use a simple Google Doc to put in the bookings, name and pax and date. Who will be housekeeping and what date that needs to be done ( I pay extra for a weekend clean but if I don’t have a booking coming in I try not to interrupt their weekends so give them the option). My housekeeper has access to the google doc and can see whats coming up also.
I’ve been going 6 weeks and have had 17 bookings during this time and several booked ahead of now so the volume is manageable for a small amount of data entry. Not all my bookings come from AirBnB - it’s about 80/20 so I can look at them all rather than the AirBnB calendar showing blocked out dates but no info.

So far so good but I have wondered about apps like Properly - anyone using that?

Just tonight I was unbooked and thought, “let me lower my price and see if I get booked, things are going well with the dogs.” So around 4 pm I lowered the price, about 2 hours later I was booked. Having a record of things like that (how often I got a booking for a date after lowering the price or how often I got a replacement booking after a cancellation) would be nice but not nice enough to do the extra work manually. BTW, those prices on the calendar are turning out to be handy. I looked back to see another night recently where that happened and was able to ID it quickly due to prices on the calendar.

I could see Airbnb making data available to us on a subscription basis in the future.

But I spent 20 years of my professional life building Excel spreadies so it is (almost) fun for me. Sad, I know.

If it’s sad for you, @JamJerrupSunset, then you’ve got company., I’m in the same situation you were - I spend my days working in Excel. I’m such a geek about it that I have a cash-flow worksheet that goes out until I am 100 years old, so I can do case studies on when I run out of money (such as if my retirement pension disappears)

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Airbnb already provides access to their API, but for partners. I don’t know if they will open access to all developers. So far, the other option would be scrape the website, but it goes against their policies.

@smtucker gave a good idea of reading emails that are sent when reservations are placed. It’s not the best, but at the moment, it’s a way to get more data than the export provides

I understand that and I’ve been a subscriber to smartbnb.io. But I was speculating that they would start monetizing the data themselves by offering hosts certain helpful info if we pay extra for it. They get us used to “price tips” and the little light bulbs and red dots, then take it away unless we pay for it. I would like access to an easy to read daily log of all the activity on my account. For example: sent message at xx am. Inquiry at xx pm. Unblocked date xx at xx pm. Lowered price for xx date at xx pm. Booked xx date at xx pm. I could put all that into a spreadsheet myself but I don’t want to. Unlike some here I’m not fluent and I don’t enjoy it.

Karma, please stop giving the Airbnb intern assigned to monitor this forum ideas! :rofl::scream:

Is that a paid or unpaid position. They could hire me to monitor it. :sunglasses: