What do you think: A&E TV show Vacation Rental Potential sponsored by VRBO

Has anyone seen the show on A&E, “Vacation Rental Potential”?

The first 5 shows are about: Jersey Shore, NJ,
Myrtle Beach, SC (my area)
Breckinridge, CO
Gatlinburg, TN
Park City, UT

Show synopsis “America’s hottest entrepreneurial trend is buying properties to rent through online services like HomeAway…will show viewers how to profit from real estate. Using the new sharing economy…”

Do you think it will help promote acceptance? Do you think it will increase competition? Do you think it will give STR haters more to hate?

Do you think it will give guests a better perspective of what it takes to host a property?

Of course they focus on more expensive properties. I think it would be interesting to see them feature properties for “real people”. My price point for each of my rentals was less than 20% of what the show featured. The items I considered for my purchase were noticeably different.

I thought it would be interesting to share our thoughts.

I’m hoping it will create an atmosphere of understanding & acceptance. Also, if demand for rental properties increase in my area, my property value will increase too!!!

Yes, to all. More publicity may help the overall concept of home sharing. I’m still meeting people who haven’t heard of Airbnb. Like the guy who installed my security cameras, who then told his brother about it and told him he should do Airbnb. I don’t know if his brother will but it sounds like he would have a listing similar to mine and he doesn’t live far away. :roll_eyes:

So more people find out about Airbnb and I get more bookings but competition increases and prices go down. So I do more work for less money. More awareness brings more regulation and now my guest pay a occupancy taxes.

I think it gives people more to hate. I lived in an apartment or condo that had a lot of STR I don’t think I’d like it. I’d feel like I was living in a hotel. I don’t think it builds a sense of community or camaraderie.

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I think a show like this promoting vacation rentals gives the same kind of impression as the ones that make house flipping look fun and easy! :rofl:



I think you are right about making it look fun & easy. The two shows I watched happily touted how much they estimated the investors could collect in rental but failed to mentioned any of the work or expenses that go into the upkeep.

The Myrtle Beach family chirped about how the family would nip over & use the pool between the weekly change overs.

About the “fun” side of flipping: A wonderful Airbnb host I met while she was renovating her newly purchased, old canal home (on a deep water dock canal & 1 row from the beach access—great property) was initially so excited about renovation & flipping was planning how to do her 2nd & 3rd properties before she was really started on her first. After she finished the first, she decided to wait before she attempted another to decide if she was up to it.

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