What do you make of this message?

Hello folks,

Sorry I haven’t been around (I think I said this last time too). Things have been very slow with my rental recently, and I’ve been doing other things.

I just got this message - there was one earlier message from this person, but it just asked whether the room was available. This is a rather lazy post from me - I’m just asking what your reaction is.

It’s a slightly odd post. The request is for 7 days, and I offer a 10% discount for 7 days or later, and my rates are hardly sky high. And the guest lists her location as Germany, though on the net, who really knows? It seems to me that my rates should be cheap for a German. And the difference between the one and two person rates isn’t significant, even with the extras (Airbnb’s take and India’s GST taxes) added on.

Overall, I’m inclined to ignore it, on the grounds that reasonable people wouldn’t be making a big deal about a small amount of money. Thoughts? Also, the one guest review this person was also slightly odd. It complained that the host had 6 rooms, so it was “like a little hostel”. No positive comments. Not particularly encouraging. She got a stellar review from the host, but that means little in my experience.

I’ve received other wacky messages, but I’m making an exhibit of this one, for no very good reason.

Hello Faheem,

I just wanted to book the room after I thought about the price twice (I insert two guests before but for some reason it didn’t showed me the price for two), then I wanted to book it and the price raised.

I’m doing an internship at xxxx xxxx charitable trust due to my studies in biomedical engineering for a half a year, going to a 11 days mobility camp with the trust on the 19th of September. As I do not have a room yet and a good friend is visiting and I arrived a little bit sick, I really would adore to be at a place where I could rest, welcome myself and am not that far from the trust.

Would it be possible not to pay the additional price for my friend? If not, I’m unfortunately not able to book the room (from 8th - 19th of September)

Looking forward to your message,

usually I would decline such request. If they are friends they should split the price in 2, which would be less than booking for one.


Looks like they’re on a budget and you’re not really in their price range.

With any price-reduction request I do a quick check to ensure I’m still competitive and then reply along the lines of “We feel we’re fairly priced for these dates given the amenities we offer and the number of guests you’re bringing.”

In an earlier thread on this topic, some smart host (can’t remember who) said a request for discount is kinda like a first criticism: “What you offer is nice and all, but not that nice. I might like it better at a lower price.” Understand your value and don’t let others undermine it.


Hi @Allison_H,

Thank you for the comments.

I think my prices are pretty reasonable. I haven’t changed them in years, and the Rupee hasn’t been doing exactly well against international currencies in recent years, either. Of course, the 25% that Airbnb + GST adds to the price doesn’t help, but there’s nothing I can do about that.

Anyone who wants to take a look, my listing link is in my profile.

That’s well put.


Messages like that have decline written all over them, in large red letters.

There’s nothing wrong with someone trying to do a deal, but when it’s a campaign of messages as opposed to a straightforward request, it suggests to me they’ll ultimately be more trouble than they are worth.

I think you knew that anyway… :wink:



Yes, I was certainly leaning that way. Plus sometimes they ask for a discount, and then don’t book anyway.

I recently seem to have a rash of people doing this. Less would be peachy. Back in 2016, when I first opened, this didn’t really seem to be a thing. What happened, I wonder? Is someone travelling around the world sprinkling crazy dust? That would explain so much. Take recent Brexit-related events, for example.

I had one clown tell me, “I can get this place that has everything you do for this price will you match it?”

"Uh, no! But enjoy his limited kitchen, no dressers, no nightstands, twin/full bunks, lack of cable and security system, etc. "

This was a host he had the nerve to try to book me after a week or so, I told him no. He later IB and I called AirBnB to explain how uncomfortable I was with this guy his initial inquiry was for 14, but he only booked for 8. I charge $20 per guest over 8 per night. They sided with me and canceled him. He sent a message “Hey I didn’t cancel, why was I refunded?”

I dodged a bullet on him. I read the review from the host he did find and it was horrible. Never discount when asked.


I don’t ignore, but I tell guests that my rate is competitive, I don’t give additional discounts, and they are welcome to instant book at the listed rate. So far, no guest has instant-booked or even replied after that.

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Hi @Brian_R170,

Well, that’s very courteous of you. Do you get a lot of such requests?

Good to “see” you again, Faheem, sorry things have been slow for you on the rental front.

What I don’t like about this request is the wheedling tone obviouly meant to make you feel sorry for her … she’ll be working at a charitable Trust and she’s feeling a little bit sick and she can’t afford to pay extra for two people … I’d rather the brazen “Can you give me a discount?”! And yes, she does sound as if she would be a pain as a guest.

Only one person has ever asked me for a discount. I said, sorry, no, and he booked anyway and gave me a great review!


I get a discount request every couple months. They were more frequent when I just started hosting.

Somebody posted a great response a while back that in a nice way told the guest to use the pricing filter in the search so they could find listing within their budget. Genius.


How nice to hear from you Faheem . I can;t say much else as I’m glued to the current debate on my tablet,

Sprinkling crazy dust? Shitting more like! I am in despair for our democracy, the so-called Mother of All Parliaments.


I completely agree with this. It’s not only the wheedling tone but the rather arrogant attitude that “unfortunately” she will not grace you with her presence if you don’t give a discount. Coupled with the iffy review she left for a previous host, I would decline.


I also agree with all of this too.

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Hey @Joan,

How are you doing?

I was watching the acrimony in the House of Commons streaming live (internet magic) a little while ago. I’ve now turned it off, so I’m no longer being assailed by angry British voices. But it’s an oddly riveting spectacle. I wonder if others too are enjoying the Brexit Experience.

And does anyone else think that birds could nest in Johnson’s hair?


Hi @Magwitch,

How are you?

Could I just ignore her instead? It’s so much more time-saving.

I had one of these last year. Volunteering locally for great charity, not a lot of money, discount, and of course you won’t mind my tiny dog and daughter, right?

I followed the “My rates are competitive, I have a strict no pets policy, perhaps you’d be happier somewhere else.” She turned out to be a scammer, based on later reviews.

Bullet dodged. Just. Say. No. :wink:

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No. It’s too fine, but they could peck it out of his skull, on the grounds that it would line a nest very cosily. Unfortunately it’s the wrong time of year for nesting birds, and I hope we have seen the back end of him when my Blackbirds, Robins, Blue Tits and Woodpeckers are back next year!

Personally, I would like to see him to be attacked by Seagulls on Deal beach, like Nigel Farage was in 2016.

I’ve given up watching/listening. I will await the morning’s verdict(s).

Faheem, tell that dreadful women where to go with her arrogant “begging bowl”. Too arrogant by half. I haven’t been to Mumbai since 2007, but an Airbnb is still such value compared to Europe.


I’m good, thank you for asking :slight_smile:

I don’t know what the consequences are of ignoring her, somebody else will probably know. Did her enquiry specify two guests? If so, you could pre-approve her and simply state that ‘discounts are not possible’ in the message. Job done. If she doesn’t book, great. If she does, you have asserted your authority and your disdain at being potentially manipulated. So she could end up an ok guest…

Don’t get me started on UK politics.

Hi @Joan,

I like that. The image of Mr. Johnson running down a beach pursued by vengeful winged furies of the avian variety is oddly soothing. Close your eyes and try it.