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What do you like or hate about Airbnb?


I’ve been using Airbnb long enough to know what I like and hate but I am interested in other hosts experiences. What do you like or hate about the Airbnb company? Here is my list:


  • Clean main web page and theme
  • Attempt to keep features simple
  • Customizable hospitality emails
  • Uncomplicated passwords
  • Full host to guest communication with Text OR Email


  • Horrible hodge-podge of page of tools and themes as you navigate through the various website features
  • Slow loading web pages
  • Not intuitive - very easy to click on the wrong thing because of the simplicity
  • Can’t search for a real “entire house” (i.e., no host sharing the house)
  • Very difficult to compare listings - only showing a couple at a time even on a huge monitor
  • Takes full payment up front and won’t refund their fee
  • Corporate profit and corporate popularity focused (not focused on guest service or host profits)
  • Very pushy to set INSANELY low rental prices
  • Inconsistent rental prices for SAME properties as you navigate from page to page
  • Review method causes over-optimistic reviews (must review to see other review, no private host to future host only reviews)
  • Using the term “Moderate” for 100% refund on cancelations 5 days before a trip
  • Handicapped Mobile site and disallowing desktop mode use with a phone


  • Inquiries are from verified individuals.
  • Both guests and hosts are reviewed.
  • Highest conversion rate among the sites.
  • A bit more personal than the other listing sites.
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Only thing I don’t like is the only-100% up front option that guests must pay. Everything else I like, in comparison to everyone else.

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I think the site works great for the most part. I do not like:

  1. the cancellation penalties for hosts
  2. 48 hour time period for damage deposit - I need more time as I am frequently out of town
  3. inability to contest a bad review
  4. pressure from site to reduce rates for hosts
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