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What do you expect a guest to do at check out? Whole home rental



I am looking all over through “Amenities” etc and I find NO listing for “Logistics”. I am a USA based host, could that be why? If not please explain further where to find this as I would love to include a few simple things for guests to do before leaving!


I’m with GardenGnome: I have 2 small flats in my home, I do my own cleaning or hire out, & do not charge a fee: it is worked into the nightly rate, personally I prefer they just leave dirty dishes in the dish bin as I run everything through my dishwasher as I would just have to check to ensure they are all clean for the next guests, it’s really more work to check. As for asking guests to strip and wash sheets & towels, I prefer they just leave everything then I can assess for any stains. I consider cleaning part of the nightly fee.


OMG too funny…I have this vision of guests washing the dishes in a bedpan. ( Bowel bowl lol )


It’s a coincidence that we are discussing this right now. The reason is that when I was turning over the place on Sunday, I discovered that the guests who had just departed had bought a plastic stopper for the kitchen sink. There is one which works perfectly so I don’t know why - but I’m often mildly surprised by the things guests do. It probably cost less than a dollar and I assume they bought it when doing other grocery shopping.

The lack of stopper is no excuse, really. If no stopper exists, just upturn a teacup or small bowl over the plughole - that works.


Me too!


If you work your cleaning fee into your nightly rate, you must do really well with your longer term bookings :slight_smile:

  • spot on, as usual my dear.
    We ask a few things, but don’t penalize if not done…
  • run dishwasher,
    -take garbage to trash bin,
    -leave house in same general condition “as found”
    -do NOT strip beds,
    -place dirty towels into tubs or floor of bathrooms.
    Cleaning fee ranges based on house between $150 to $250
    Nine years / no major issues.


exact same list.
My houses are 4 br / 4 bath
5br/ 5 bth
so this minor short list helps and I think is not excessive nor over intrusive.
Like I said in my other post, we get a few groups that ignore it and so be it. No big deal


Valid point. As @PitonView pointed out the real issue was there wasn’t a way to easily handwash the dishes. I left out that in addition to no stopper, I think there were no supplies (scrubbies, dishcloths, sponges). I agree plastic ware & paper plates make it easier but any cookware used must be washed.

I think my friend learned a lesson (and I learned on through her) to not think that a modern kitchen includes a dishwasher. Like her, if I saw a modern kitchen, I would assume (I know bad thing) there was a dishwasher.


I can’t imagine having an AirBnB property without a dishwasher. That was one of the first things we did when we bought our Air property, was to install a dishwasher.

I had one guest hand wash all their dishes during their stay, and I had to rewash every single dish in the dishwasher. Dishwasher just gets things so much cleaner.


Yes I feel it pays with the long term stays even with a discounted rate for weekly stays, it seems like a small amount added to the nightly rate, but it definitely helps in the long run. I like the idea there are no hidden/ additional fee’s for the guest, you get the posted rate, ABB & local tax are shocking enough. I’m not sure but since I stopped posting the additional cleaning it appears my bookings are fairly steady. This past year I’ve have had the luxury of blocking off a few days per month for a personal rest from the rentals and take some quiet time to just finish a book!


I think it depends on your market and what other hosts do. I don’t particularly want to encourage one nighters so add a token cleaning fee. We don’t have local taxes and the Airbnb fees are pretty low as I offer a room in a shared home.

I pay for cleansing or clean myself so there is a legitimate cost involved.

If I incorporated the real cost into a daily rate my prices would be way out of sync with my competitors.

I love hearing about different hosting models.

Learn something new every day.


Well, we don’t have a dishwasher in our own kitchen except one named ( dh,) Michael. The trailer definately does not have one. But all the supplies needed are there including stopper and pan.
Frankly, I’ve never had one, and likely won’t get one when we get our new kitchen.


My house didn’t have one when I moved in in 1990 but I put one in with the first remodel in 1993. I’m single and don’t cook much so most the time I hand wash but it’s nice to have when I entertain. I think the thing that sold me on it was the water conservation aspect. That’s important where I live.


Believe it or not, in my entire lifetime I’ve only lived in three homes that had a dishwasher - and I’ve lived in a LOT of places :slight_smile:


Touche>>;Karma, you are right about usage. We are water wise as much as possible here in the So-Cal desert environment too. Maybe if I ever get my new kitchen I will get one after all:)


I’m not sure all our dishwashers can overcome the impending reality.


Karma I’m not sure all our dishwashers can overcome the impending reality.

My current dishwasher overcomes reality every day to make sink area spiffy… (?) your meaning?



I meant I’m not optimistic about the future when it comes to dealing with the problems of water supply in the western US. So we can all get mechanical dishwashers but…


Interesting—a few months ago a friend who does not have a dishwasher said she really doesn’t see the need to add one. She & her husband have done DIY amazing updates to their home. I told her I understood if she didn’t want/need one. One thing I thought she may want to consider was home resale. If I were looking to buy her home vs. one like it, I would opt for the one with a dishwasher. Whoo Hoo it gave her a reason for another DIY project (she is splendid at those)

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