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What do you do when the future guest doesn't answer

… this guest doesn’t answer when I ask her arrival time. The communication has been quit minimal from her side.

I’ve sent her the house rules but then again I know many of the guests don’t read them.
I’ve been flexible with the check in when it suits us. (The rules say check in in between 16-20), and this time this really is the case/people to see, places to go.) I’m afraid that there will be a guest who apparently doesn’t speak very good English calling me in front of the house hours before the check in time - it’s the same when the guest haven’t intentions to leave the house. I don’t know what to say.

I’ve read that @faheem can say no, I can also say no when someone asks things that are not listed, but in these cases when someone just stays in the room/gives an unexpected call, I’m too flexible.
I’m just afraid of bad reviews I guess… (and when it starts badly, it usually goes on like that as well).

Hi @Jepjep,

I feel for you. Can you not call her up? Are you hosting remotely? More details, please.

I’m sure that I will be eating those words at some point…


I usually say to my guests… What time would you like to check-in (3pm-10pm)? Are you flying into [my city]? If so, what time does your flight land?

If I have a prior engagement, I would say… I have a prior engagement and can meet you for check-in from x:00-y:00. What time would you like to check-in?

Then at some point I say “Please let me know if you’re running early/late.”

You can also ask them for the airline and flight number so you can track their arrival.

Call them 72 hours before their arrival date if you don’t hear from them. 48 hours before arrival, call Airbnb.


Hah, we are flexible, we hosts - in advance you will promise that!

I host in my home. But this time I can’t schedule my other works so I could stay home.
I’ll try to call her before her arrival, but by now it’s night were she lives…
Thank you for your reply.

You can also call Airbnb - they will ‘reach out’ to her.

I share this frustration. Airbnb has been sympathetic when I’ve had this issue in the past.

Often this has worked out just fine for me, though it is frustrating in the interim. Hope you hear from them soon!

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Thank you @dcmooney - I just have to check out were to call… hmm

Yeah, I love it when they let you know they will be 3-4 hours late - when it’s already 1 hour past their scheduled time. Something tells me they new prior to them that they were not going to get to DC from New Jersey at the scheduled time a few hours earlier in the day…

ah well, the price of doing business…

You see the numbers at the top of the forum topics, right? Do I remember correctly that you are from the UK? I finally wised up and just put airbnb’s number in my phone, on speeeeed dial!

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Yeah. Asking them to keep me posted on their ETA has really helped cut down on this. Only one guest notified me after their check-in window that they were running late. My strategy has definitely been successful!

Dear Guest,

I am sorry to ask you a second time, but we need to communicate in regards to your check-in time. I also have other work & family commitments apart from hosting on AirBnB.

If I do not know what time you’ll arriving, nobody will be here to let you in.

Sincerely, Me.

(Yes, it’s blunt, but it [1] shows Air that you tried to communicate with the guest but they are not bothering to respond, and [2] shows the guest that your life doesn’t revolve around them so they can’t just swan on in at whatever random time suits them on the day.)


Love this. It sounds perfect.

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Thank you so much @eliel; I would be using that!

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Incidentally, the “other work and family commitments” or more specifically “I need to schedule the cleaning” is perfect for when they ignore your stated check-in times and ask to arrive early.

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Thank you everyone!
I just contacted Air for another reason at the same time: we just got 1* for value and 2* for location when all the guests have said that “Oh, I can save money: I don’t even need to buy the public transportation, 'cause I can walk everywhere!” And the guy gave us 2** - and 1* (!!!) for value. We didn’t have much for a communication, because hardly spoke any English.
Oh, I’m so fed up now.
We’ll get the whole October blocked - we just need the break!
But thank you for the quick response and support! <3!

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