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What do I respond for emotional support animal request

TBH, it’s not entirely known how she does it, but we do sure listen to her, well I do, but the wife fails to as she is stubborn. The wifes heart rate can go super high as well as super low due to her PoTS (Postural tachycardia syndrome)(https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/postural-tachycardia-syndrome/) which is caused by her EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) (https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/ehlers-danlos-syndromes/) - links for anyone wanting to read up about it.

Before Christmas we were in the kitchen sorting out dinner etc… and Roxy comes in, looks at me and then rushes to my wife, jumps up at her and then sits at her feet; conversation as follows;
Me: “you feeling alright?”
Wife: “yeah fine”
Me: “Shes telling you different, thats a lot different to the alerts she normally gives, go sit down”
Wife: “No no I’m fine”
Roxy then jumps at her and, comes to me and jumps at me, then she runs into the lounge and back again
Me: “I think you need to sit down”
Wife: “Yeah I best do”
5 mins later after sitting down Roxy is at her feet
Wife (slerring her words): “I don’t feel so good”
Best alert our wonderful dog has ever done a full 5 mins. Normally she runs between my wife and a seat and if my wife continues to ignore her she will come and find me to tell me that she’s not doing what she should do.

Our dog is honestly amazing how she does it, dogs seem to have a sitxh sense when it comes to this kind of thing.
Due to COVID and the wifes health we haven’t really been aware other than the Post Office (well I go in) to send off parcels. Roxy has started to lick my noise when I get home.
Before COVID we were shopping in a big clothing store, I took the lead of the dog while the wife went into the changing rooms, a gentleman spoke to me and asked what Roxy does, I explained and he went well thats amazing! At that point, Roxy looks at me, runs to the guy and runs towards a seat, with the lead stopping her, the guy looks at me and asks if he should be worried, I said “Only if you have a heart issue”, which he replied with “well kinda”, I explained he better go sit down for five, which he did, luckly he was fine and not too bad, just need a rest rather that following his wife around the shop!

There are dogs out there than can sniff out cancer! Dogs really are amazing!


We don’t deserve them. My heart breaks for people with severe allergies who can’t be around them or for other people who fear dogs for some reason.


I wouldn’t feel comfortable with this guest. Bringing up Airbb policy etc. Very passive aggressive. As hosts we have the right to say no if uncomfortable with the situation. Just keep it simple and say your place is not a good fit


Agreed. Last year there was a story about having a seizure detection/alert dog present in the Operating Room for a child’s surgery. The dog detected seizures up to 5 minutes before the medical devices. Child’s surgery was to help reduce the frequency of seizures.


You’ve gotten good advice in this thread. I’m rather sour on emotional support animals. January 2020 I had a renter who lied about several things. After booking she disclosed the ES Dog. I jumped through the hoops to get it approved by the HOA (renters are not allowed pets on premises).

Long story but I’ve considered just not responding at all to a request to book with an ES animal.

I know it means a ding to my time for response rating but hopefully the delay would mean the guest would find something else. I’m not declining so they can’t say I discriminated.

Working service dogs are a completely different situation. I respect the services they provide and I am amazed at the trainers.


yes! that was actually another big concern. i’m glad you read it that way as well. in my experience, this is the type of guest prone to issues (entitled and a bit of a bully). if the guest had on the other hand genuinely inquired if we would make an exception to the policy, instead of informing me as a head’s up and then stating “it is discriminatory to deny your place”, i could have just responded to her with the issue directly. but instead i think that was a bit of an intimidation tactic, and a red flag.
Sadly my husband was a business owner and has tons of examples of people lying stating their untrained animals are support animals to gain access. He says some people feel their pets are more special than others so they read the policy as “no pets (except for mine of course b/c my dog is much more amazing and special than others)” :slight_smile:
good thing it worked out ok with me responding politely and honestly but directly to the issue… this time at least.


thank you very much. i was too nervous to get dinged to not respond. but that is a really good point. and speaks to my point about the type of guest.
i have very good response rates and excellent reviews, so i can probably absorb a ding or two along the way. it is also good to review that AirBandB goal is genuinely as a booking service, no more. not a vacation site, not a host protection group, nada more. reminder for me to do three things this week:

  1. make sure i have umbrella insurance covering my STR
  2. continue to aggressively book on VRBO and any othe competitors that surface (as long as AirBandB has a corner on the market, they have us trapped)
  3. remind myself it is my home and not a hotel or BandB and i shouldn’t feel intimidated by anyone asking permission to come into my home

If the yard between your house and the guest house is shared, it’s a shared space, so the “shared space” exemption to animals should apply, as should your having a dog that does not get along with other dogs.


You are allowed to deny emotional support animals if you have a health or safety concern. Being on the property gives you even more latitude to do so.

It might be easier to to just block some days during the reservation and get some work done on the place to avoid a discriminatory compliant. I know thats kind of the sneaky way around it but unfortunately many people use the emotional support line to bring pets that are untrained. Sadly the service animal situation is very much abused by pet owners and does hurt people who have actual trained service animals. However people and property are also hurt by these same pet owners abusing the system.

In my opinion, Airbnb and the emotional support animal advocates that wrote the policy thats beyond what most local laws require. The should also should provide some programs for people to obtain service and support animals rather than the current online certificate/prescription if they truly wanted to protect both the people who actually need the support animals as well as the people in spaces the animals are occupying. Until they do, by all means protect your kid.


A friend gets round that by saying she can’t have dogs because of guests who are allergic to dogs

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