What do I do if my future guests don't respond to emails?

I’ve emailed guests who are going to be here in 3 days a couple of times to get more information from them and have heard nothing at all! Is there another way to get in touch?

I’m assuming they booked through AirBnB? If so, AirBnB provides the phone number of the person who booked the reservation. Pick up the phone and call or text them. I’d try texting and if I didn’t get answer by the evening, I’d call.

Some guests don’t have their AirBnB platform notifications turned on and may have no idea you are trying to reach them.


Yes use the guest’s phone number on the booking confirmation @lotzewhtfam /ask Airbnb to reach out to the guest.

Make sure you only request information that you actually need to host this stay. You know how many guests and how many of them are children or infants? Think about what else you really need to know, why you think you need to know it, and whether you can make a change that eliminates that need to know.


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Just give them a call.



Thanks for all the fabulous feedback! I’ve texted them and all is good! I really appreciate so many of you helping me out!!


I text but if it appears to be sent back as a landline, I call. If I text I ask them to access their Airbnb message thread so that they can see check in detail and I have a record of our conversation. Text is very helpful for updating arrival time since we greet guests in person.

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