What did I do wrong?

I have my listing on both Airbnb and VRBO and I have the calendars synced - at least I thought I did.

I just got a reservation through VRBO and I checked the Airbnb calendar and it did block the date before and the first night of the reservation, but that was it. It did not block the other dates and I have the Airbnb calendar blocking the next day, as well, so we can fix any issued that may arise.

Since it worked partially, I think my settings must be at lease partially correct, but I’m not sure why it didn’t block the whole reservation.

Does anyone know?

Check your VRBO settings. I think the synced calendars only accept data from other calendars and do not add to it.

For example if VRBO sends the Airbnb calendar with dates/nights blocked out 12/1-12/7 that include 12/1 blocked for VRBO set prep time and 12/7 blocked for cleaning time and the reservation for nights 12/2-12/6. Airbnb’s calendar will not accept the VRBO 12/2-6 reservation and add blocked nights for prep and cleaning.

No idea but I manually block every time because there is up to a 30 minute delay even when you have it right. If I can, if the booking comes when I am awake, I always go and sync all 4 booking platforms manually to avoid double booking in the 10-30 minute lag time.


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But that’s not what it did. It only marked the first day of the reservation and the day prior to that. The guy booked 2 nights and it only marked the first night and the day before that. If I wasn’t paranoid and didn’t check, someone could book the second night of his reservation.

What 4 platforms do you use? I started to do Trip Advisor, but never finished it… I just have mine on Airbnb and VRBO

Air, TripAdvisor, Bookingdotcom and VRBO


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Following. I am on Airbnb and Homeaway and paranoid. I have IB on Air, inquiry only on Homeaway, and manually block the dates on Homeaway as soon as I get an Air reservation. I’ve only had 2 bookings from Homeaway, however. Vast majority of my traffic is from Air, but I wanted an alternative in case I am ever hit with the dreaded disappeared listing with no explanation from Air. (Reminds me of a particularly annoying family member – “If you don’t know what you did, I’m certainly not going to tell you.”)


I wish I could help - I don’t trust the calendars to sync so I do it manually. It also gives me flexibility to open a date on AirBnB if a VRBO guest says they are going to cancel but doesn’t seem to be getting around to doing it…

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