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What credit card processors do hosts use please?


Hi to all the experienced host who use booking sites other than Airbnb. Wondering what credit card processor you use…? I have accepted bank deposit, PayPal and cash on arrival, but lots of people want to pay on card. My concerns relate to fraudulent cards and later charge backs. Looking for advise and recommendations please.


You’re right. With other sites PayPal, cash and bank deposit (although a drag for guest) works best but it requires someone to be there. If this is your setup anyway, it’s all good. But if you leave afar, might be harder to pull off.


I use Stripe to process credit card payments for my bookings from booking.com
So far it’s worked well. I haven’t tried any other method. And so far I have only had two bookings from there since registering in October.


We use square. I like only paying for what We use.


We use Paypal to receive payments by credit card outside of Airbnb. It’s part of the merchant tools on Paypal.


Stripe for my booking in mywebsite/expedia and booking.com


Stripe is another option. Get in touch if you need help.