What class is airbnb?

Hi. I have scanned through several pages of comments and I can’t find the answer to this question.

Starting July 1, Airbnb starting collecting taxes for my area and I have to file a report to the local municipality. One of the questions on this report is Class. (Hotel, Motel, Rooming House, Campground, Bed and Breakfast, or other lodging place.)

I know the tax laws vary greatly for each class, and am fairly sure that I don’t want to put b&b since I am not making breakfast, but am not sure exactly what class to put. Is Airbnb a rooming house?

I’d ask the people you’re submitting the form to.

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In the absence of any other information, I would pick “other lodging place” since nothing else fits, but better to check your city code. They will give a very specific definition of each class and you would choose what works best for your situation.


Sorry. We’re international here and don’t have any idea where you re in the world or what your local laws or regulations are or mean.

If you are referring to the Massachusetts new law, contact Jennifer desimonej@dor.state.ma.us and ask her.

Just a note, I’m fairly certain Airbnb just remits a sum of money. They don’t break it out to the taxing authority by property.

You need to call your municipality and ask. Here both the people at the state and city level were very helpful when I had questions.