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What channel manager do you currently use?


Can you change the sync frequency with Google calendars?




I don’ think so … although you can go to the hosting platform and choose a manual sync on Airbnb and HomeAway. If a host has a LOT of platforms and a LOT of properties it is probably way to clunky, but it works flawlessly for me and it allows me to have a public link to what I consider my “master calendar layer” for my cleaner and my personal website. Also, my process involves SOME action from me which is perfect because - one I need to be involved to keep my eye on the ball - and I always customize the info that shows on my public layer so it has meaning for me and my cleaner. For instance all the info from Airbnb gets translated into Gail D. (Airbnb) 4 adults / 3 nights / 1 dog and if there are any special things like ‘make up the twin bed’ or ‘leave out the Pac-n-play’ I include that, too.

Plus it is free. I love it. My cleaner has asked me to show her other STR clients in the area how to do it.



Nothing too complicated I’m afraid. My direct booking method is check on the Airbnb calendar if its available accept the booking and block out the dates on Airbnb :slight_smile:

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at the moment i use smoobu but that’s because it’s easily done … if anyone has a better recommended CM I’d be interested

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Juggling properties and bookings when you’re using more than one platform can be tricky! We could all do with a helping hand sometimes, luckily property management software has come a long way, and you might want to consider AirGMS.

It’s quite handy as you can sync calendar data from a wide range of short-term booking platforms and there are some really useful features, such as being able to see all of your Airbnb chats in one place an the ability to organize cleaning schedules etc.

It might be worth giving it a go? There’s a free demo, plus it’s free to use if you’re a host with 4 or less listings.



I had a quick look on your web site, it suggests that the sync with BDC is an iCal sync, is that correct?




I tried Siteminder, it was a nightmare. Took forever to set up and there were so many features that didn’t work as advertised which the on-boarding guy tried to blame on me. I had to do it on Siteminder and then manually check everything fed through correctly, which it almost never did. Had to connect, disconnect and re-connect to BDC and Expedia several times. I definitely do not recommend. AirGMS sounds interesting, might check them out when I have a moment. At the moment I am listed on 3 sites and manage it manually.



Hi John
Yes, you are correct. At the moment AirGMS support direct integration with Airbnb and HomeAway only. Other platforms, such as Booking.com, TripAdvisor, Canada Stays, etc, should be connected via iCal.

If you have a BDC iCal in mind that you are keen to upload and want to discuss further or have any further questions please feel free to get in touch: https://www.airgms.com/contact-us/



No, it’s fine. I can sync the iCal versions easily enough.




I have been looking for a good channelmanager for a few months now.

To be honest, there are only a few real channelmanagers.
Most of the PMS/Channelmanager startups pretend to be a channelmanager, but really are not.
Hostaway, AirGMS, Lodgify and many others, offer some channelmanager functionality, but are not real channelmanagers.
They are not bad, they are simple to setup, and will offer enough for the smaller hosts. But as soon as you want more control over your channels (individual open/close, multirate, packages etc etc), they all fall short.

If you want to see a good channelmanger, have a look at Siteminder, Woodoo or DIRS21.
But these are pure channelmanager, so you need a separate PMS next to it to run.

The best PMS/BookingEngine with channelmanager integration I found so far is SabeeApp, but then again, they run WuBook (Woodoo) as a channelmanager in the background.

But for me, SabeeApp lacks some important PMS functions I really need in my region, so now I am looking at a combo of Cloudrooms+DIRS21


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