What are your top favorite vacation rental listing websites in the US?

I’m currently using Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, Booking, and TripAdvisor. Any others worth considering?

I’m just starting to diversify. Since I started nearly 3 years I found I was about 95% booked on Airbnb and in the winter about 70%. Bookings are starting to slow down and my prices have dropped. I just added VRBO but haven’t gotten a single nibble. I’m worried about turning on IB for every site except Airbnb so that I don’t make any double books.

I read that syncing the calendars don’t aways work. What software do you use?

My questions for you is do yo find that you are penalized with views on Airbnb if you block out dates from the other websites?

Have your AirBnb booking gone down? FYI - I have’t listed but I’ve been compiling sites to look at and can add: Homestay and Houfy.

I haven’t noticed a reduction in views on Airbnb or problems with syncing, but my occupancy is typically only weekends.

We use ABB and Home Away. I prefer the guest bookings on Air. My experience is strange people choose to use Home Away.

Our experience is pretty much the opposite. As a percentage, we have far more troublesome guests from AirBnB than from HomeAway

We use Airbnb and currently trying Vacason which is a new site