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What are your issues when syncing calendars?


Hi can I try your beta?


Hi, thanks for your request. We are working hard on finishing the beta. Probably we´ll have beta ready for testing mid of April. We´ll invite the whole audience and anyone who is interested approx. two weeks beforehand. Thanks for your patients!


Is your calendar syncing tool active now? Would you please send me a limk? Tia!:slight_smile:


Hi @CarolinaFran, yes you can now register for beta testing. Please register here https://www.swease.io
Launch is just around the corner. Happy to hear your feedback. Cheers! Pascal


@CarolinaFran You also might want to check out our tool that syncs with all your calendars and alerts your cleaners to upcoming turnovers automatically. It’s free - check us out at TurnoverBnB




Just tried it, very useful.


@Kerensa_Baker Awesome! Let me know if you have any issues or suggestions for improvements to the platform.


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