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What are the best types of pillows to use?

I’m not sure it’s a great idea to pull up a three year old thread, just so you can use it as an opportunity to put in a link to your website @EntrepreneurMFC :slight_smile:

Guys, now there was such a question. What pillows to use for my apartments. After reading all the previous messages, I still don’t understand how much the pillows should cost and what type of pillows is the most practical.

Pillow cost is going to vary by country and how much you should spend will vary with kind of rental and kind of guest. What kind of listing do you have and where do you host?

My opinion: For any double/queen/king bed, provide two sets of pillows (total of four). One set should be firm, and one should be medium. No feathers or down at all. Moderately priced pillows that we’re comfortable replacing every year or two work for our Airbnb rooms. For us, that means pillows that are about $20-$25 each. We make the beds with the two fluffier pillows against the headboard, as they tend to be a bit bigger, and the two firmer pillows in front, as they tend to be a bit smaller. No pillow complaints from any guests at all.

And for our rooms, no decorative pillows at all!

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I have three apartments. Two one-room and one two-room. At first, I used down pillows, which were very large, but half of the guests complained that the pillows were prickly. And I read that such pillows absorb a lot of sweat, pieces of skin, and other things. Therefore, I changed them a month later to padding polyester pillows, which I still use.
About pillows for large beds - thanks, I will remember this advice.

It’s a good idea to use pillow protectors, not just a pillow case over a pillow. The protectors are washed between guests, the pillows themselves stay clean, so what you mention wouldn’t be an issue.

As for the pillows you were using feeling prickly, they likely weren’t down, but feathers. Down is very soft and fluffy, while inexpensive feather pillows can have the feather shafts poking through the pillow ticking, which would make them feel prickly.

Some people are allergic to feathers or down, but I love a good quality feather or down pillow myself, so I provide a selection of both those and polyester “down alternative” for guests.


I recommend a variety of pillows on each bed so that everyone finds a people that they love. We do 5 pillows on Queens and 4 pillows on Fulls and no two are the same on one bed. We have every kind of pillow, I think. They get a good response. People say they have “found their pillow” and want to know what kind it is. It is rarely the same one, haha, but everyone thinks that their favorite pillow is the best one. I keep the information about the different pillows for when people ask.

Agreeing with @muddy that you should use pillow protectors under the pillow cases to keep the pillows cleaner. Also, the prickly pillow you describe is probably feather and a pillow protector (or a little bit pricier feather pillow or double the protectors) will keep it from feeling prickly. There is a type of stomach sleeper out there that will love you for that feather pillow!

I made my pillow protectors out of a quilted fabric. Gives a nice extra layer of cushiness and definitely keeps feather pillows from feeling prickly.

We use all down pillows and have had one guest ask for down alternative. I scored 10 down pillows in new condition on CL for 60 bucks and they are fabulous. My problem is that I don’t need queen size pillows as I like the looser pillow cases and they are so much easier to put on. I had to look around to buy some right size decorative rectangular non down pillows for that guest! She also wanted non-down comforter duvet insert. 1/2 percent of all guests was she.

What is CL? Abbreviation is unclear to me :slight_smile:

craigslist, the online sales market place person to person, tax free recycled etc

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