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What are my options when I sell the property?


We have sold our property, including the guesthouse which I’ve been running as an Airbnb. The new owners have indicated they’d like to keep running it as an Airbnb so I contacted Airbnb help about the process and this is the answer I received:

"you have two options that you can choose moving forward.

First, if you come up an agreement of account take over with the new host, you can have your account details be taken over by the new one in which they will need to update with their personal details.

Otherwise, you can ask the new host to create their own hosting account have the listing be posted there and you will need to unlist the listing from your account."

I don’t quite understand these two options but there’s a chance I may want to run another Airbnb in the future, so I don’t want them to take over my account. They also didn’t purchase it as an ongoing business and certainly didn’t pay for any goodwill. I guess that’s option 1 out.

So option 2: If the new owners get to keep my listing, will they also get all the reviews which include positive comments on my hosting and amenities provided?

I thought the new owner could start their own duplicate listing, adding “under new management” and open the bookings from the date they want to start. Return guests will then be able to find it. Similarly, I’ll edit my listing to say something like “bnb sold, see the other listing for bookings after xxx”. Then delist it after my final booking.

Can any other hosts give me advice on this please.


If you have no bookings after close its easy. Block calendar and let the new owners do their own thing. Like you said they did not purchase a business or goodwill, keep your air account and reviews for your future endeavors.



I don’t know from the Airbnb side about the two options but from the personal side I would say they have to have their own account. Nothing about your listing or reviews should transfer to them and I wouldn’t help them with that. It’s not fair to future guests to base a decision on a host who isn’t in the picture any longer. I think the host is just as much a part of the listing as the physical structure.


Thanks for confirming my gut feeling RiverRockRetreat and KKC. Much appreciated.

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